Monday, April 30, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Black Eyed Beans(Alsando) &Vali(Malabar Spinach) Koddel, Jeera-Miri Coconut Kadhi, Potato Bajji(Raita), Saradine Fish Fry...& Rice..

Jeera-Mirya (cumminseeds n black peeper coconut kadhi..Recipe..

In  1/tsp.ghee fry 2tsp jeera,1/2tsp miri(black pepper) ,2-3garlic chopped till light brown,add 1 or 2 red whole chillies in it.. grind this with 2wati fresh grated coconut in fine paste.. then add some water in this ground masala,add some salt, 2 kokum,and boil it for 2 minutes.. switch off the gas before it strts boiling..then add tadka of ghee &4-5 garlic in it..kadhi is ready to serve..


  1. hi.. I stumbled on your blog , I very much liked the way you post thali blogs as I always was searching for those.I am new to cooking. I was trying to find " alsando Vaali koddel recipe" .. c\

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