Thursday, May 10, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Mashroom sukka, Jeera-Mirya Varan, Sindhi Sai Bhaji, Poha Papad, &...Rice..

Mashroom Sukka...Recipe...

wash12-15 mashrooms ..make pieces.take 2tabsp oil in a pan..add finely chopped 2-3 onions..fry till soft and light brown. then add 1-2 tabsp omato puree.fry for some time.then add 1tsp.dhania powder,1/4 sp haldi powder,1tsp chilli powder,salt as per taste..and fry untill all masala get mixed properly.then add mashroom it..and stir it .cover with lid..cook it till mashroom gets cooked..mashroom sukka is ready to serve with rotis or rice.

Sindhi Sai Bhaji...Recipe..

1.soak 4-5 tabsp.Chana dal for1/2 hours.

2.chop2 bunch  Palak and 1 bunch Methi.

3.heat2-3 tabsp. oil in pressure cooker.add 2-3 finely chopped onions.add finely4-5 chopped garlic,2-3 green chillies,1 tsp.grated ginger,

4.then add soaked chana dal. spread 1 layer of palak and methi.add haldi,1/2 tsp to chilli powder,salt as per taste,2 chopped tomatoes or 2 tabsp.tomato puree.again spread 2nd layer of palak and methi..add very little water if needed.

5.close the pressure cooker and cook till 3 whistles.

6.after steam goes out open the cooker & mix it nicely with a spoon or hand mixer;

7.sai bhaji will be ready to serve with rotis or rice..

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