Sunday, May 27, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI....Drumsticks-Dal Amti, Sprouted Matki Usal (Mothbeans Usal), Potato Raita, Mussels Fry...& Rice.

Mussels fry ..tastes very crispy & yummy..
Apply salt, haldi, red chilli powder, little of malavani masala, & garlic paste. Keep for 15 minutes. Then roll it in rawa & fry it...Mussels fry will be ready, some times i also apply green masala paste of garlic, green chilli & dhania leaves. That also tastes lovely..

Drumsticks-Dal Amti
Boil turdal in pressure cooker, boil drumsticks & tomato pieces separately. then mix it with dal..made tadka of oil, rai, methi seeds, jeera, hing, haldi, currypatta, some goda masala, red chilli powder, then pour it in dal mixture. add imli juice, again add some goda masala, green chillies, dhania leaves, add salt, jaggery & boil it nicely till amti aroma comes out.. garnish with dhania leaves. amti is ready to serve.

Matki Usal
Soak matki in the morning..remove water & keep it overnight in microwave or in some warm tht matki will get sprouted next day..then in a pan make tadka of oil. add chopped garlic, mustard seeds, jeera, curry patta, hing, haldi, then add fnely chopped onions, green chillies, fry till onions get pinkish color, then add tomato pieces. fry for some time. add red chilli powder, goda masala or any other garam masala which u have, add matki. saute for some time. add salt, little sugar or jaggery, mix it properly. add water & cook till matki gets cooked. add some fresh grated coconut garnish with dhania leaves. u can do all this process in pressure cooker..but cook it only for 1 whistle & do not add more water like we put in a pan, put only little water just to get 1 whistle.

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