Monday, May 21, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Corn with Peanut Butter,Vali(malabar spinach)-Magge(yellow cucumber)-Alsanda seeds(black eyed beans) Koddel,Toor-Moong dali varan,French Fries....& Rice

CORN WITH PEANUT a pan add 1tabsp oil add 2-3 cloves,1small dalchini piece,2 elaichi,6-8 black pepper,fry for few seconds,add sliced 3onions,3-4garlic chopped,small piece of ginger,3-4 green chillies,fry till soft add 1tomato pieces..i used 4-5 plum tomatoes..fry again for 2-3 minutes..then remove &make fine paste with water.then in a pan take 1tabsp oil add tejpatta,add ground masala paste,add haldi,salt, little of red chilli powder,saute for few minutes.then add3-4 tabsp.of cruchy peanut butter,mix it nicely.then add corn cob pieces..if it is fresh ones then boil it in cooker 1st.&if it is frozen then u can add as it is..& cook it on low flame till all masala gets well mixed with corn pieces..garnish with dhania leaves.. corn with peanut butter is ready to serve..

jst peel the potatoes,keep it in water for some time,then cut it with a knife,then keep it in strainer for some time till dy then fry it on low flame..then sprinkle salt,pepper powder&chilli powder..

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