Thursday, May 10, 2012


Potato Bhaji :

Boil 4-5 potatoes in pressure cooker.peel it &make pieces.In a pan make tadka of 2tabsp oil.when heated add 1/4 tsp udid dal,1/2tsp rai(mustard seeds),1/4tsp jeera(cummin seeds),2garlics chopped,1whole red chilli,curry patta,pinch hing,1/4tsp haldi,after frying for few seconds add small piece of finely chopped ginger,2finely chopped green chillies,then add 2finely chopped onions.fry till onions get soft, add salt,&pinch sugar(optional),then add potato pieces in it..mix properly..finally mix 2tsp besan(gram flour)in some water and add in it.. cook it till potatoes get well mixed with gravy..garnish with dhania leaves..and serve with hot pooris.

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