Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sabudana Dosa with Coconut Chutney....thanks to my Friend Jayashri Baleri for yummy recipe.

Sabudana Dosa recipe..thanks to my Friend Jayashri Baleri for yummy recipe.


1. Sabudana- 1Cup
3.Green Chillies- 2-3
4. Dhania Leaves-1Handfull.
5. Jeera-1/4 tsp.
6. Salt-As per taste.
7.Sugar- As per Taste.


1.Soak 1cup sabudana for 3 to 4 hours.( I washed tiny small sabudana .removed all water n kept only for 10 minutes.) 

2.Then add 1 cup of rava in it.add chopped finely green chillies, dhania leaves, salt, sugar as per taste.I have added 1/4 tsp jeera.
3.Then make batter with adding some water.batter shud be like uttapas batter.then spread this batter on tava n make dosas.fry this dosa from both sides to make it slight crispy..serve with coconut chutney.

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