Saturday, October 11, 2014

MY LUNCH THALI....Sprouted Moong Curry , Akhkhi Gavar , Moong skin (saal )Saar , kakdi Kocholi , Fried Phodis (crispies)....& Rice...

moong saar recipe...

In a big vessel take sprouted green moong &lots of water...keep it for boiling..when water starts

boiling..moong skins will start gathering on top..tht time remove skins & keep it..If with skins there r

some moong with it..No can use it with skins ...then 1ce moong is cooked remove water

from that.grind all skins..1 tabsp of fresh scrapped coconut..1 or 2 green chillies n half tsp of jeera.n

small piece of tamarind.make fine paste.add it in boiled moong water.add salt..small piece of gud.give a

nice boil.then add tadka with whole chilli n hing..add in saar. Garnish with

some dhania leaves..n serve..

Moong curry recipe..... .

boil sprouted moong in water..remove skins..then add some salt in it..cook it till soft.grind grated fresh 

coconut..n roasted 10 to 12 methi seeds fried in 1/4tsp of oil.2-3 red whole chillies..Small piece of 

tamarind.n haldi.then add this fine paste in cooked moong.give it a nice boil.then add tadka of oil 

..rai..curry patta n hing..

Akkhi Gavar...Recipe..

Make long pieces of 250gms of Gavar.Take 2tabsp of oil in a pan or kadhai..after heating add 1/4tsp 

mustard seeds,1/4tsp ajwain, when mustard seeds start spluttering add 1/4tsp hing powder,1/4tsp haldi 

powder,1/2tsp freshly crushed black pepper ,and 1/2tsp red chilli powder.then add Gavar pieces in 

it..saute for few minutes. add little gud,and salt as per taste..add some water to cook.cover it..and cook 

Gavar till soft.Akkhi Gavar is ready to serve with chapatis or rice.

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