Sunday, July 29, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI....Palak Dal, Red Pumpkin(Lal Bhopla) Khatt, Palak Talasani, Fish Fry, & Phulka, Rice.....

Palak Dal...Recipe..

Boil 2cup toor dal,and 1cup finely chopped palak with water in pressure cooker till 3 whistles.then remove it &mix it till dal gets fully mashed.add more water if needed .make tadka of 2sp oil,add 4-5 garlic chopped,1/2tsp udid dal, 1/4tsp jeera, 1/4tsp rai, 2red chillies ,few currypatta, pinch haldi..then add mixed cooked dal and palak in it..while boiling add 3green chillies chopped,1tomato pieces, add salt as per taste, 1/4tsp sugar (optional).then boil dal for few minutes till all get well mixed..palak dal is ready to serve.

Red Pumpkin (Lal Bhopla) Khatt....Recipe...

Remove skin of 250gms Red pumpkin.make pieces, add 3green chillies,salt.and little water. boil it till soft.then grind grated 1wati grated fresh coconut,boiled Red pumpkin and green chillies,small piece of tamarind.Make fine paste.then add tadka with ghee ,rai,red chilli,&hing.Khatt is ready to serve.

Palak Talasani...Recipe..

Wash and clean 1 bunch of Palak.chop it finely.In a pan take 1tabsp.of oil,add 6-7crushed garlic,2-3 red whole chillies.,1/4tsp.of haldi.add finely chopped palak..add salt as per taste, little of sugar as per taste.cover with lid..and cook it jst for 2-3 minutes till palak gets cooked.palak talasani is ready to serve.

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