Thursday, June 14, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI..Bhendi Masaledar, Takatly(buttermilk) Dalimbi(sprouted val), Cauliflower Talasani, Bangda Fish Fry...& Rice


Make 1/2 to 1 inch pieces of 250 gms Bhendi.add little salt and.shallow fry it in 1to2 tabsp of oil till light crispy and till light brown.remove it and keep aside.
grind 1big tomato pieces, 4-5garlic chopped, and 2 green chillies without water.
in a frying pan add 2 tabsp of oil,make tadka adding with jeera,chopped 2garlic pieces,1 red whole chilli.then add 2onions chopped ..fry on high flame.add 1/2tsp redchilli powder,1/4sp haldi,pinch hing powder,1tsp dhania powder,then add ground tomato paste..fry till oil separates.then add 1tabsp kimball thai chilli sauce(or tomato chill sauce).fry for few minutes..then add some salt,add fried bhendi in it.. mix it well..garnish with dhania leaves..Bhendi Masaledar is ready to serve.

TAKATLYA (Buttermilk) DALIMBI (sprouted val)..Recipe..

Boil 1 cup of Dalimbi (sprouted & skin removed val), with 2-3 chopped green chillies,5-6 curry patta,some dhania leaves, salt ,and some water in pressuer cooker .cook till 3whistles.
mix 2-3cups of buttermilk with 1tsp of besan.make tadka of 1tabsp oil,add rai, methi seeds, jeera, curry patta,1red whole chilli,1green chilli, hing powder, haldi..then add cooked val in it..then mix it .add butter milk mixture.add salt and 1tsp sugar.some dhania leaves.stir well.. keep it on flame till it gets boiled..garnish with dhania leaves..takatlya dalimbi is ready to serve.

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