Sunday, August 8, 2010


Recipe Description:

Creamy,very tasty homemade shrikhand.very simple and easy to make.can eat with puris, chapatis or simply

eat as dessert.


1. readymade full cream yoghurt - 1 kg

2. sugar powder - appx 8-10 tb sp

3. kesar milk masala or dry fruit powder - appx 1/2 tb sp.

4. saffron (kesar) - strands 7-8

5. cardamom(eliachi) & nutmeg(jaifal) powder - 1/2 t sp

6. soaked almond and pista's finely sliced for garnishing.


1. put the yoghurt in a muslin cloth,wrap it tight, hang it and let all the water strain out.keep it hung for at least 

7-8 hrs so that all the water dries off.

2. then put the hung curd in a bowl add powdered sugar and whisk it with hand blender / mixer till it gets 


3. then add kesar milk powder / dry fruit powder, cardamom and nutmeg powder and mix well.

4. then sprinkle saffron strands and garnish with sliced almonds and pistas.

5.shrikhand is ready to serve

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