Friday, September 4, 2015

My Only Fish Thali....Pedve Fish red Curry , Prawns n Pedve Hinga Humman , Motyale(Belunji) , Prawns , n Pedve Fry.....& Rice.

Pedve fish red curry recipe....

clean 10 to 12 pedve fish & add salt,haldi and keep aside

roast10-12 red Bedgi chillies in few drops of oil for 1 minute.
grind 2tabsp grated coconut,red chillies,1.4tsp haldi,2-3 garlic cloves,smallball of tamarind.make fine,smooth paste with water.
grind 5-6 tirfal with little water and strain it
Boil ground masala,tirfal water, by adding some more water.add 2 kokum pieces
add fish pieces and boil it till fish is cooked.
sprinkle 1tabsp.coconut oil on the curry,cover with lid.curry is ready..serve with rice.

Prawns n pedve hinga humman recipe...
Clean prawns n pedve..add salt n haldi.keep aside.

1.grind grated coconut, whole red chillies(slightly roasted in oil),tamarind and make a fine paste

2.put the ground paste in a pan,add hing water, you will have to add more hing for good flavour.add salt and little water and boil.then add prawns n fish pieces in it.cook it.
3.and finally once the humman is ready add coconut oil,cover with lid and switch off the gas.

4.humman is ready to serve.

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