Monday, May 5, 2014

MY LUNCH THALI......Whole Masoor Amti , Carrot Koshimbir , Chavali Bhaji Talasani , Raw Banana Peels ( skin ) Chutney , Fry Dry Mirchi Kachari ,,,& Rice..

Chavali Leaves Talasani recipe....

Wash chavli leaves & chop it finely with tender stems. make tadka of lots of crushed garlic, & dry whole red chillies..then add chopped chavli in it add some salt & little of sugar mix it & cover with a lid & cook only for few minutes till bhaji gets takes abt 3to 5 minutes to need of adding water.then Talasani is ready to serve.

Carrot koshimbir Recipe..

Grate carrots..add finely chopped onion , finely chopped green chilli, grated coconut,salt,pinch of sugar(optional), mix together..then make tadka of ghee rai,whole red chilli, curry patta,hing..add in koshimbir.add little lime juice if you like... mix it..garnish with dhania leaves ..and serve.

Whole Masoor Amati.......Recipe..

Pressure cook whole masoor with some onion & water..then take some oil..make tadka of rai,jeera, chopped garlic,haldi,chilli powder ,goda masala or garam masala,or amti masala..then fry finely chopped onins,chopped tomatoes,green chillies..add masoor,salt,kokum,little gud..stir it nicely..boil it till it gets well mixed..then add some coconut milk..make thick as per taste..garnish with dhania leaves..and serve ...

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