Friday, September 4, 2015

Pedhas Quick in 3 minutes for my 3 Balkrishnas at home...

In a microwave bowl take 1/2 tin of milkmaid (condensed) milk.add little less than 1 cup milk 

powder.add 1/2 tabsp.of unsalted butter.mix it nicely.there shud be no lumps.keep it in microwave for 

1 minute..remove it n mix it properly again add some elaichi n jaiphal powder.mix n keep in microwave 

for 1 minute..mix it..keep for 30 seconds again..mix it if it is not still thick then keep for 15 seconds not keep more time.n do not over cook.remove it..add pista ..almond powder n kesar if you 

like.then when it is slightly warm..make round pedhas..garnish with chopped pista..n keep. In a plate..

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