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Kabsa is a traditional Arabic Chicken Rice..It is very easy & quick dish.. it needs very less spices & less we can say that this dish is very healthy.. I am sure you all will love this Kabsa dish..


1.Chicken- 8 to 10 big pieces.
2.Long grain Basmati Rice- 2 cups.
4.Garlic-7-8 big cloves.
5.Green chillies-3-4
6.Kabsa Masala or Garam masala powder-1tsp.
7.Dalchini piece,5-6 cloves, 5-6 Elaichi, Saunf-1tsp. ,Black Pepper-1tsp.
8.Tomato-1 big
9.Tomato puree-1tsp.
10.Oil-3-4 tabsp.
11.Salt-As per taste.
12.Haldi-1/2 tsp.
14.Maggi vegetable or chicken stock cube-1/2

1.Remove skin of the chicken,make big pieces.chop onions into long pieces.chop garlic in to big pieces.chop green chillies.Chop Capsicums in to long pieces.

2.Wash Rice &  keep for 1/2 an hour,

3.Put chicken & 4 cups of water in  the big pot..add some haldi.& boil it..and skim froth when it appears .then add  saunf, cloves,1 small dalchini piece, whole black pepper, elaichi ,2-3 garlic chopped pieces ,1onion chopped,1/2 tomato chopped,salt,&vegetable or chicken stock cube in it. & boil the chicken for 10 minutes till is cooked.
4. keep another big kadai  on gas.. after heating add oil in it. add onion pieces,garlic pieces, 1small dalchini piece.& fry for some time.then add capsicum pieces,tomato chilli pieces.fry it. then add rice in it add.some salt.&.fry for 3-4 minutes. then add kabsa masala powder or garam masala powder,add tomato puree.& mix it properly. finally add boiled chicken with its stock (boiled chicken water)..mix it.keep lid on it &cook the rice till done.
Kabsa Rice is ready to serve.

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