Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green Peas shell Bhajiya ( crispy fry )......


These Green Peas Shell Bhajiyas is a very yummy dish with great taste from waste .My grandmother used to
make this.. In my childood whenever she used to make this we all kids used to wait to remove inner thin skin 
from vatana sali..I am sure you all will love these crispy bhajiya..

Remove inner thin skin of green peas shell to make bhajiyas..otherwise u wont be able to eat is the 

way ...after removing peas from the shell..separate the 2 parts of shells ..then from upper end jst press it 

inside and take out (pull)thin skin out of it.tht thin skin is a waste... only remaining outer part u can use 

it..apply salt,haldi,hing,chilli powder ,rice powder,..sprinkle some water to get wet..then add rice powder 

and some besan .mix properly..and deep fry it..

In 2nd pic is I have shown how I remove inner thin skin of green peas shell..!!!


  1. Vidya tai this sounds really yummy.....first time i heard of these bhajiyaaa.....Sampada :)

    1. Thanks Sampada.. try really tastes yummy..I am sure you will love it..