Friday, September 4, 2015

Andyache (egg) Bhujne....

Andyache che Bhujne. ..

5 eggs
3 onions finely cut,1 inch ginger grated
7 to 8 garlic petals grated
Handful kothimbir,
2 green chillies,
1 teaspoon red chilly powder,
Little haldi,
Salt for taste,
3 spoons oil,

Mix all ingredients and nicely mashed it with hands.add water to it. Cook well till onion is cooked. N all 

got mixed together nicely.Then stir. add more water as per your requirement of gravy. ...
after the onions are cooked well...break the eggs in the mixture and cook it ..keeping lid on it.. do not 

stir till eggs get cooked well.switch off the gas .garnish with dhania leaves.

My Only Fish Thali....Pedve Fish red Curry , Prawns n Pedve Hinga Humman , Motyale(Belunji) , Prawns , n Pedve Fry.....& Rice.

Pedve fish red curry recipe....

clean 10 to 12 pedve fish & add salt,haldi and keep aside

roast10-12 red Bedgi chillies in few drops of oil for 1 minute.
grind 2tabsp grated coconut,red chillies,1.4tsp haldi,2-3 garlic cloves,smallball of tamarind.make fine,smooth paste with water.
grind 5-6 tirfal with little water and strain it
Boil ground masala,tirfal water, by adding some more water.add 2 kokum pieces
add fish pieces and boil it till fish is cooked.
sprinkle 1tabsp.coconut oil on the curry,cover with lid.curry is ready..serve with rice.

Prawns n pedve hinga humman recipe...
Clean prawns n pedve..add salt n haldi.keep aside.

1.grind grated coconut, whole red chillies(slightly roasted in oil),tamarind and make a fine paste

2.put the ground paste in a pan,add hing water, you will have to add more hing for good flavour.add salt and little water and boil.then add prawns n fish pieces in it.cook it.
3.and finally once the humman is ready add coconut oil,cover with lid and switch off the gas.

4.humman is ready to serve.

Happy Guru Pournima to All....Today's Lunch Thali.....Cauliflower Ambat , Bhendi Sukki Bhaji , Kakdi Raita , Karela Fry , Tomato Saar ith coconut milk , Papad Fry....n Rice.

Cauli Flower Ambat..


Boil Tur dal..

boil cauliflower big pieces.

 Grind  fresh coconut with little of methi fried n red chillies. n chinch..haldi. 

Add some salt n pinch of sugar.then add tadka with only onion or rai..currypatta n hing.

Happy Friendship Day To All....Enjoy My Today's Thali....Shell Fish (Tisrya) Sukke, Alu Methi Bhaji ,Tomato Dal , Karela Koshimbir....& Rice.

Kharwas (Ginn) without cheek dudh..


Mix 1tin of condensed milk.same quantity or 1 cup each of milk n dahi..add about 1/2 cup of milk 

powder.&1tsp of elaichi n jaifal powder.i mix it in that all mixture gets properly mixed.then 

pour this in the cooker round vessel.then sprinkle some elaichi powder n kesar strands on it..this is 

optional.then steam it pressure cooker.with 3 whistles.

Kharwas is ready to serve.

Happy Narali Purnima & Happy Raksha Bandhan to all..My Today's Thali..Dali Thoy, Neer Phanas n Drumstick Sukkke, Cauliflowera che baje, Tomato Raita ,Narala raassu, n Rice..& made Kharwas (Ginn) without chik dudh..

Kabsa..Arabic Vegetable Rice & Raita....

Pedhas Quick in 3 minutes for my 3 Balkrishnas at home...

In a microwave bowl take 1/2 tin of milkmaid (condensed) milk.add little less than 1 cup milk 

powder.add 1/2 tabsp.of unsalted butter.mix it nicely.there shud be no lumps.keep it in microwave for 

1 minute..remove it n mix it properly again add some elaichi n jaiphal powder.mix n keep in microwave 

for 1 minute..mix it..keep for 30 seconds again..mix it if it is not still thick then keep for 15 seconds not keep more time.n do not over cook.remove it..add pista ..almond powder n kesar if you 

like.then when it is slightly warm..make round pedhas..garnish with chopped pista..n keep. In a plate..

My Holiday Lunch Thali....Tarle (saradines) Fish Curry with Tirfal , Tomato Dal , Tarle red masal with onion (Phanna Upakari) , Pomfret Fry Stuffed with Green Masala..n Rice