Wednesday, May 7, 2014



Kabsa is a traditional Arabic Chicken Rice..It is very easy & quick dish.. it needs very less spices & less we can say that this dish is very healthy.. I am sure you all will love this Kabsa dish..


1.Chicken- 8 to 10 big pieces.
2.Long grain Basmati Rice- 2 cups.
4.Garlic-7-8 big cloves.
5.Green chillies-3-4
6.Kabsa Masala or Garam masala powder-1tsp.
7.Dalchini piece,5-6 cloves, 5-6 Elaichi, Saunf-1tsp. ,Black Pepper-1tsp.
8.Tomato-1 big
9.Tomato puree-1tsp.
10.Oil-3-4 tabsp.
11.Salt-As per taste.
12.Haldi-1/2 tsp.
14.Maggi vegetable or chicken stock cube-1/2

1.Remove skin of the chicken,make big pieces.chop onions into long pieces.chop garlic in to big pieces.chop green chillies.Chop Capsicums in to long pieces.

2.Wash Rice &  keep for 1/2 an hour,

3.Put chicken & 4 cups of water in  the big pot..add some haldi.& boil it..and skim froth when it appears .then add  saunf, cloves,1 small dalchini piece, whole black pepper, elaichi ,2-3 garlic chopped pieces ,1onion chopped,1/2 tomato chopped,salt,&vegetable or chicken stock cube in it. & boil the chicken for 10 minutes till is cooked.
4. keep another big kadai  on gas.. after heating add oil in it. add onion pieces,garlic pieces, 1small dalchini piece.& fry for some time.then add capsicum pieces,tomato chilli pieces.fry it. then add rice in it add.some salt.&.fry for 3-4 minutes. then add kabsa masala powder or garam masala powder,add tomato puree.& mix it properly. finally add boiled chicken with its stock (boiled chicken water)..mix it.keep lid on it &cook the rice till done.
Kabsa Rice is ready to serve.

Monday, May 5, 2014

MY AKSHAY TRITIYA LUNCH THALI....Tendli-Chana Upkari , Cauli Flower, Potato,Carrot, Peas,French Beans mix Patal Bhaji, Magge-Drumsticks Kholombo, Devasthan Saar, Shevai-Sabudana Kheer, Poori, &...Rice..

.Tendli Chana Upkari recipe...

I ground red chillies&; grated fresh coconut roughly in a mixie without water.then boiled cooked soaked kabuli chana in a cooker. made tadka with oil,rai, hing ,currypatta &added long cut tendlis.&boiled chana. stirred for some time.added salt, &;gound coconut masala. in it.. &; kept lid &;cooked tendli till it becomes soft. if u need some water while cooking ..u can add very little water.. but make upkari fully dry.. then upkari is ready to serve.

Devasthanu Saar recipe..

roast 1tabsp dhania seeds,1/2 tabsp jeera, 6-8 methi seeds, 1tabsp chana dal, some curry patta, 4-5 bedgi red whole chillies, khada hing, in few drops of oil.then add 2-3 tabsp of grated fresh coconut,.then grind it with some tamarind paste.make fine paste.then chop 1 big tomato in to fine a vessel take plenty of water.add tomato boil it .while boiling add green chilli, dhania leaves, then add ground paste.,salt,gud.& give nice boil till it becomes ready.then make ghee tadka with rain, curry patta, 1 red chilli,& hing..& add it in saar.devasthanu saar is ready to serve.

Cauli Flower, Potato,Carrot, Peas,French Beans mix Patal Bhaji....

make medium piecesof cauliflower, make long pieces of french beans, make long pieces of carrot.. u can add any vegetables which you like,keep frozen peas ready. make tadka with oil,jeera,rai, currypatta,1small piece of dalchini, 1 lavang, 4-5 black pepper,.add some haldi. then add green chillies. add vegetables.add 1 -2 kokum in it.. keep the lid. & boil it till soft. add some water to cook it.. then grind grated coconut, 1tsp of roasted dhania seeds,1/2tsp.roasted til. ,2-3 green chillies,small piece of ginger,with some water. then this masala in boiled vegetables. mix it till it gets well mixed with vegetables.

Magge-Drumsticks Kholombo..

Cook tur dal in pressure cooker till very soft. make pieces of magge,tomato ,& make long pieces of drumsticks. boil all the vegetables with some salt .then roast 1tabsp of dhania seeds,1/2tsp of jeera, 7-8 methi seeds,6-7 black pepper, 1tabsp.chana dal,1/2tsp of udid dal,5-6 curry patta, pinch haldi, hing, then add 7-8 bedgi whole red chillies. finally add fesh 2tabsp of grated fresh coconut.roast it properly in few drops of oil.make fine paste .add some imli juice in it. or grind chinch with this..mix mashed cooked tur dal, this ground masala. add water, add cooked vegetables. add some salt ,gud .boil it properly. then add some dhania leaves. make tadka with oil,rai,curry patta, red chilli, &hing. add in ready kholombo.. serve it with rice.

MY LUNCH THALI.....Cauliflower Ambat , Tendli-Cauliflower Talasani , Kulitha Saar , Hot & Sweet Tomato Lonche , Keli Phodi, & ..Rice..

CauliFlower Ambat Recipe....

Boil big10 to 15 pieces of cauliflower pieces with some salt and water. Cook1cup Toor Dal in pressure cooker till very soft. then mash it.add cauliflower pieces in it.fry less than 1/4 methi seeds in few drops of oil add 3-4 whole red bedgi chillies in it.grind together fresh 1 cup grated coconut,small piece of chich, 1/tsp haldi,and fried methi & red chillies in to a fine paste. add this ground masala in dal and cauliflower pieces mixture.add salt as per taste. , pinch sugar(optional).boil it.then make tadka of oil and add 1finely chopped onion.fry till brown and add in curry.Ambat is ready to serve.

Hot & Sweet Tomato Lonche..

In a fry pan make tadka of oil, mustard seeds, methi seeds, hing, turmeric, red chilly powder.
Add the finely chopped tomatoes and green chillies.
Add salt and jaggerry and stir well.
cover with lid and cook on medium flame for appx 15 mins.
tomato lonche is ready to serve.

Kulitha Saar recipe...

This Saar is made with water of cooked kulith.I soaked kulith for 2 hours.. bt we can cook it without soaking as well. .grind 1tabsp.fresh grated coconut,1 whole red chilli, 3tabsp.cooked kulith 1/2tsp.dhania seeds,2-3 chopped garlic,small piece of imli(chinch) with water.make fine paste.. add this in boiled kulith water..add salt,little gud,1-3 green chillies.2crushed garlics.then boil it nicely for 5 minutes.make tadka of 1tabsp.ghee,5-6 crushed garlics,1whole red chilli..add it in saar..garnish with dhania leaves..saar is ready to serve

cauliflower & tendli talasani recipe.......

make cauliflower pieces. & crush whole tendi little with shud not break..then make tadka with oil, crushed garlic , whole red chilli,then add tendli..add little of red chilli powder,salt, little of jaggery or pinch sugar..mix it nicely..add some water.. keep lid cook till tendli gets cooked..then remove lid & fry it for some time till all water dries up & tendli gets some brownish colour.