Monday, October 26, 2015

My Today's Lunch Thali...Egg Palak , Batata Songg , Palak Dal , Padwal Crispies , & Rice.

palak egg recipe.

1.Boil water in a vessel,add palk leaves,green chillies.keep for 1 minute.and strain it and keep it under

tap water for1 minute..then grind it.make fine paste.

2.Boil eggs,shell it and make 2 pieces.

3.In a pan take oil, add all whole garam masala..i.e.tejpatta,lavang, dalchini,elaichi,black pepper.then

add finely chopped onions.fry for 2 minutes.add grated ginger,grated garlic..saute again till raw smell


4.Add finely chopped tomato.fry till it gets soft.

5.Add dhania powder,jeera powder,haldi,red chilli powder.fry till all masala gets mixed properly.

6.Then add egg pieces.add salt as per taste.saute for 2-3 minutes.

7.Add palak paste.mix it for 2 minutes.

8.Add fresh cream if you like..mix this curry i have added some milk instead of cream.


boil the potatoes..remove skin.make pieces. chop onions finely .take coconut oil or any other oil in a 

pan. add chopped onions.fry till light brown .add haldi, kashmiri red chilli powder,.add tamarind(imli) 

juice,add salt,add pinch sugar if u like..fry for 2 minutes..add potato pieces..mix it..add little water ..boil 
it.till potatogets mixed with masala.potato songg is ready to serve.

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