Saturday, October 11, 2014

EID MUBAARAK TO ALL MY FRIENDS....Enjoyed Mutton Biryani , Sheer Khurma , Raita & Papad...

Sheer Khurma recipe.....

Roast very thin very vermicelli in some ghee on low flame..then boil milk till it becomes little thick. 

soak some dry fruits like almonds, pista in warm water..then remove almond skins.n make long pieces. 

chop some cashewnuts.fry cashew pieces n raisins in some ghee n keep can fry almond n 

pista pieces also if you like,, but i like to keep its natural colour so i soak it in water. then add roasted 

vermicelli ,dryfruits n raisins in milk..keep stirring.. i add some masala milk powder in it..add sugar as 

per taste. add elaichi powder.n saffron in it.. boil it till this kheer becomes little thick..Garnish with 

chopped pistas n almonds.this Sheer Khurma is little thicker than our usual kheer..


This home made mutton biryani is for 4 to 5 persons..

Wash 2 and 1/2 big wati Basmati rice and keep aside for 15 to 20 minutes.

then marinate 3/4 kg mutton pieces and 1 potato cut inro big pieces with little salt ..,little chilli powder,

2-3tabsp shaan masala or 1/4 tsp garam masala. Grind 6-7 garlic, 2inch ginger, dhania leaves 2

handfulls, 1hand full pudina leaves. Add

this in mutton,add atleast 1cup dahi. Marinate mutton at least for 20 minutes or more.

Take water in big vessel, add small dalchini piece, 4-5 lavanga, 4elaichi, 2 tamalpatra, little salt,.boil

it..add rice in it ..cook for few minutes till rice is only half should not cook more.just till it fully
becomes long & when pressed it should be raw from inside..then strain it & keep aside.

Fry long cut 3 onions in more oil till properly brown and keep aside.

Take oil in cooker add 1onion finely chopped, fry for 3 minutes. Add 1 tomato finely chopped..fry till

soft. Add shaan 2 tabsp.biryani masala or 1tsp Garam Masala.

Then add mutton and mix it well. Add very little water. Cook till 4 whistles.then keep it on slow simmer
for 10 minutes, if the gravy is thin then keep on gas for some time. till gravy becomes less & thick.

Then brush the corning ware pot with ghee. Spread a layer of mutton curry first then a layer of rice

then sprinkle dhania leaves, pudina leaves, little ginger thinly long cut, fried onions. Then repeat the

above layers step.

Top layer should be rice with dhania leaves, pudina leaves, fried onions, ginger cut & little kesar mixed

in 3-4 tabsp milk.

Cover the pot with tight lid and keep it on very low flame or in microwave for 10 minutes.

Biryani is ready to served.

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