Monday, May 5, 2014

MY LUNCH THALI.....Cauliflower Ambat , Tendli-Cauliflower Talasani , Kulitha Saar , Hot & Sweet Tomato Lonche , Keli Phodi, & ..Rice..

CauliFlower Ambat Recipe....

Boil big10 to 15 pieces of cauliflower pieces with some salt and water. Cook1cup Toor Dal in pressure cooker till very soft. then mash it.add cauliflower pieces in it.fry less than 1/4 methi seeds in few drops of oil add 3-4 whole red bedgi chillies in it.grind together fresh 1 cup grated coconut,small piece of chich, 1/tsp haldi,and fried methi & red chillies in to a fine paste. add this ground masala in dal and cauliflower pieces mixture.add salt as per taste. , pinch sugar(optional).boil it.then make tadka of oil and add 1finely chopped onion.fry till brown and add in curry.Ambat is ready to serve.

Hot & Sweet Tomato Lonche..

In a fry pan make tadka of oil, mustard seeds, methi seeds, hing, turmeric, red chilly powder.
Add the finely chopped tomatoes and green chillies.
Add salt and jaggerry and stir well.
cover with lid and cook on medium flame for appx 15 mins.
tomato lonche is ready to serve.

Kulitha Saar recipe...

This Saar is made with water of cooked kulith.I soaked kulith for 2 hours.. bt we can cook it without soaking as well. .grind 1tabsp.fresh grated coconut,1 whole red chilli, 3tabsp.cooked kulith 1/2tsp.dhania seeds,2-3 chopped garlic,small piece of imli(chinch) with water.make fine paste.. add this in boiled kulith water..add salt,little gud,1-3 green chillies.2crushed garlics.then boil it nicely for 5 minutes.make tadka of 1tabsp.ghee,5-6 crushed garlics,1whole red chilli..add it in saar..garnish with dhania leaves..saar is ready to serve

cauliflower & tendli talasani recipe.......

make cauliflower pieces. & crush whole tendi little with shud not break..then make tadka with oil, crushed garlic , whole red chilli,then add tendli..add little of red chilli powder,salt, little of jaggery or pinch sugar..mix it nicely..add some water.. keep lid cook till tendli gets cooked..then remove lid & fry it for some time till all water dries up & tendli gets some brownish colour.

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