Monday, February 24, 2014



YUMMY DISH FROM MY FAVOURITE BLOG..THANKS To My Dearest Usha Bhat & Sandhya Puranik for recipe..!!!


1.Tingalavre or White navy beans soaked overnight -1 cup.

2.Onions- 3

3.Red Bedgi or Kashmiri chillies- 5-6

4.Tamarind- small 1-2 pieces.

5.Corriander seeds- 1tabsp.

6.Coconut oil or any oil- 3-4 tabsp.

7.Salt -as per taste.


1.Pressure cook the Tingalavre seeds with 1 chopped onion.Cook Tingalavre till it gets well cooked.

2.Grind Red chillies, Coriander seeds,Tamarind,with some water .make fine paste.

3.Heat Oil in a pan. and add finely chopped 2 onions.

4.Fry it till onions get soft and little pinkish colour.

5.Add the ground fine paste.

6.Stir and fry for few seconds.

7.Add the cooked Tingalavre seeds.,add salt as per taste.add water and simmer it till it gets well mixed.

8. Tingalavre Saungh is ready to serve.

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