Monday, February 24, 2014

Alwathi With Corn Cobs & Groundnuts With Colcassia Leaves (Alu Leaves) or Palak


Alwathi with corn cobs & groundnuts ..i was inspired by Jayashri Baleri, Sandhya Puranik,'s post & recently with Shilpa Sunil Rao's post with Palak instead of Alu leaves.


1.colcassia leaves or Palak..2 bunches (if colcassia leaves not available (you will not know the difference) chop it finely.

2.corn cobs ...2..cut in 2 inch rounds

3.Soak peanuts in water about 1/2 cup for 3-4 hrs

4. coconut finely grated...1/2 chilly according to spice chilles..2-3
7.1 ginger ...1 Inch...minced finely
8.tamarind ...1 or 2 pieces.
9.oil, mustard seed and curry leaves for seasoning


1.Take a pressure pan add chopped leaves, corn on cob, soaked peanuts, green chilles slit, ginger, salt add a glass of water and pressure cook till corn is tender.

2.Grind coconut, red chilles and tamarind. Mix with the above and bring to a boil.

3.Temper with oil mustard and curry leaves..

4.Alwathi is ready to serve!!!!!

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