Sunday, October 21, 2012



Sweet khadis,very quick & easy...


1.Maida-1 cup

2.Sugar-2 cups

3.Milk-1 cup

4.Ghee ( home made)-little more than 3/4 cup

5.Vanilla Essence-1 tsp. or Elaichi powder-1 tsp.

6.Red Food colour-1 drop.


1.Mix sugar & milk together.and boil it.

2.In a non stick pot add ghee and heat it..then add Maida...roast it till we get nice roasted aroma.and maida

becomes little pinkish .

3.Then add sugar-milk boiled mixture in it.and keep stirring on low flame.add essence.and add drop of red 

or any food colour..keep stirring until mixture gets little thick..and you can see some whitish colour to the 

mixture on the sides of a should not be very thick..remove the pot from the gas when you see that 

mixture is not sticky..this whole process will need just 5 to 8 minutes..

4.Then keep the pot down and keep stirring the mixture till you get nice thick dough should be ready 

to roll ..then pour this on the greased back side of a big thali. and spread on itwith the help of a plastic bag 

on your hand.. roll it with rolling pin (belan).immediately cut it in to diamond shape.(this should be done very 

fast when mixture is should not be hard.)

5.Maida khadis are ready

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  1. nice ...thnks vidyakka....priya r shenoy....