Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Red Pumpkin puris are sweet puris.these puris are also called Gharge in Maharashtra.these puris can be preserved for 3-4 very good while travelling..even they are good for kid's tiffin box..


1.Red Pumpkin pieces-1 cup

2.Jaggery (Gud)-little less than 1/2 cup or as per taste.

3.Wheat Flour-as needed to make puri dough.

4.Salt-as per taste.

5.Oil-1tabsp for dough and more to deep fry.

6.Water-3-4 tabsp to cook Red Pumpkin.


1.Remove skin of Red Pumpkin pieces and boil it with salt till soft.

2.after cooling add Jaggery in it.mix it well till it get dissoved.

3.Add some oil in it then add wheat flour and knead it .make a dough.

4. Make small balls and roll it in puris.

5. Deep fry these puris..

6.These puris can be preserved for 3-4 days.

Monday, October 22, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Buttermilk with Garlic Tadka, Cauliflower-Dal Ambat, Palak Raita, Long String Beans Talasani, Red Pumpkin Phodi.....& Rice

Red Pumpkin Phodis Recipe.....

Make thin slices of it with skin..then apply salt,hing,haldi,&red chilli powder to it..mix properly.then add
some rice powder&fine rava in it.cover all pieces properly.then deep fry it till crispy on low flame..serve hot 

Long String Beans Talasani Recipe...

cut Long String Beans..make tadka of oil,lots of crushed garlic,add red chilli powder ,haldi,add chopped Beans pieces in it..add salt and pinch sugar if u like. add little water to cook..keep lid and cook it..talasani is ready to serve..

CauliFlower-Dal Ambat Recipe....

Boil big10 to 15 pieces of cauliflower pieces with some salt and water. Cook1cup Toor Dal in pressure cooker till very soft. then mash it.add cauliflower pieces in it.fry less than 1/4 methi seeds in few drops of oil add 3-4 whole red bedgi chillies in it.grind together fresh 1 cup grated coconut,small piece of chich, 1/tsp haldi,and fried methi & red chillies in to a fine paste. add this ground masala in dal and cauliflower pieces mixture.add salt as per taste. , pinch sugar(optional).boil it.then make tadka of oil and add 1finely chopped onion.fry till brown and add in curry.Ambat is ready to serve.

Butter milk with Garlic Tadka Recipe.....

Take Butter milk in  a pot.add .add salt as per taste.add some sugar.add pinch haldi in it.heat it just for 1 minute. Make tadka of ghee, and lots of garlic,add red whole chilli pieces ..and add in the butter milk...

Sunday, October 21, 2012



Sweet khadis,very quick & easy...


1.Maida-1 cup

2.Sugar-2 cups

3.Milk-1 cup

4.Ghee ( home made)-little more than 3/4 cup

5.Vanilla Essence-1 tsp. or Elaichi powder-1 tsp.

6.Red Food colour-1 drop.


1.Mix sugar & milk together.and boil it.

2.In a non stick pot add ghee and heat it..then add Maida...roast it till we get nice roasted aroma.and maida

becomes little pinkish .

3.Then add sugar-milk boiled mixture in it.and keep stirring on low flame.add essence.and add drop of red 

or any food colour..keep stirring until mixture gets little thick..and you can see some whitish colour to the 

mixture on the sides of a should not be very thick..remove the pot from the gas when you see that 

mixture is not sticky..this whole process will need just 5 to 8 minutes..

4.Then keep the pot down and keep stirring the mixture till you get nice thick dough should be ready 

to roll ..then pour this on the greased back side of a big thali. and spread on itwith the help of a plastic bag 

on your hand.. roll it with rolling pin (belan).immediately cut it in to diamond shape.(this should be done very 

fast when mixture is should not be hard.)

5.Maida khadis are ready