Monday, June 11, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI.....Vali(Mayalu,or Malabar Spinach) Sambhare, Suran(Yam) Koshimbir, Valache Birde, Suran Chips, tak(Buttermilk) Mattha,...Phulka, &.....Rice

Vali(Mayalu,or Malabar Spinach) Sambhare..Recipe

wash and chop vali bhaji(malabar spinach) .( 3-4 wati chopped ).
cook it along with  1wati toor dal in pressure cooker till well cooked.
roast 2tsp dhania seeds,and 8-10 methi seeds and 2-3red whole chillies in 1/4tsp of oil.then
grind  1.1/2wati fresh coconut, small piece of chinch(tamarind),haldi, and above roasted masala with some water.make fine paste..then add this  ground masala in the mixture of well cooked &mashed dal-vali bhaji
mixture..add salt &1/4spsp of sugar(optional).mix well..boil it.. make tadka of1tsp oil,crushed 5-6 garlic
and add in the curry..vali sambhare is ready to serve with rice..

Valache Birde..Recipe

soak val for 6-8 hours in water.then remove water and keep it over night in a warm place to get sprouts.
grind coarsely 2green chillies, handful dhania leaves, 1tsp jeera, without water..keep it a pressure cooker make tadka with 2tabsp of oil, add 1/2tsp rai, 3-4 currypatta, pinch hing, 1/2tsp haldi.then add ground green masala,add 1tsp kolhapuri masala,or goda masala,or garam masala with red chilli powder,fry for few minutes.then add sprouted 3-4wati val.fry for some time..add 1-2 kokum,2tabsp fresh grated coconut..mix it..add little water..cook it for only 1or 2 whistles.garnish with dhania leaves...valache birde is ready to serve.

Suran Chips...Recipe

make thin slices of suran(yam)..add salt, haldi, red chilli powder, hing..mix it properly.. then roll it in rice powder & fry it till crispy..

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