Friday, June 15, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Crab Curry, Crusty Rolls, Onion Salad, ..& Rice

Crab Curry....Recipe..

1.wash crabs..clean it and make 2 pieces..

2.take 1sp.oil in a pan roast all whole garam masala (6cloves,1inch cinnamon,dhania seeds-2tabsp.,jeera-1/4tsp,saunf- 1/2tsp,black pepper-6/7,green elaichi-3,optional(small piece dagadful,javitri,1/4sp khaskhas,,1tsp til ,pinch of jaiphal powder)for 1 minute

3..take 1tab sp.oil in a pan roast long cut onions,5garlic cloves,ginger piece,fry untill light brown add grated coconut and roast it till coconut gets little brown.

4.grind above roasted garam masala,roasted onion coconut,red chillies,little dhania leaves together with water and make fine paste.

5.take 3tabsp oil,add tomatoes fry for few minutes,add crabs fry for 3to 4 minutes,add ground above masala,salt as per taste,,add 3-4 kokums,add water and cook it .keep gravy as you require.

6.garnish with dhania leaves.

7.curry is ready to serve with rice,chapati,or bread.

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