Monday, June 25, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI....Akhkha (Whole) Toor Upakari, Saar, Batata Songg, Batata Bajji (Raita), Red Papad Roast, &.....Rice

Akhkha (Whole) Toor Upakri...Recipe..

Soak 2 cups Akhkha Toor in water for 5-6 hours. then cook it in pressure cooker till soft and well cooked.(cook for 4whistles then 10minutes on low flame.) then remove water from it  and keep it aside.
In a pan make tadka with 1tabsp.coconut oil (or any other oil), add  1tsp.mustardseeds,1/2 tspn.udid dal,1green chilli,1red chilli, 5-6currypatta, 1/4tsp.hing. then add 1/ chilli powder.
then add cooked whole toor in it.. add1tsp. gud ,salt as per taste.add 2-3 tabsp. grated fresh coconut ..mix well add some toor boiled water.. keep on flame till toor get well mixed with masala.. whole toor upakari is ready to serve..


This Saar is made with water of cooked whole toor .grind 2tabsp.fresh grated coconut,1 whole red chilli,3tabsp.cooked toor, 1/2tsp.dhania seeds,2-3 chopped garlic,small piece of imli(chinch) with water.make fine paste.. add this in boiled toor water..add salt,little gud,1-3 green chillies.2crushed garlics.then boil it nicely for 5minutes.make tadka of 1tabsp.ghee,5-6 crushed garlics,1whole red chilli..add it in saar..garnish with dhania leaves..saar is ready to serve.

Batata Bajji (Raita) .....Recipe..

Mash 2boiled potatoes,add 1 finely chopped onion,2 finely chopped geen chillies,1tabsp. chopped dhania leaves,salt,pinch of sugar,mix well then add 1/2 to 1cup dahi in it. mix again..make tadka with 1tsp ghee ,1/4 ts[.mustard seeds, 4-5 currypatta, 1 whole red chilli, pinch of  hing..add it in raita.. batata bajji (raita) is ready to serve.

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  1. Is'nt the upkari a Friday special. All the items reminded me of my mom. I love all your photos.