Sunday, June 17, 2012

MY AMCHI LUNCH THALI....Palak Tambli, Double Beans Bendi, Stuffed Green Masala Pomfret Fry, Prawns Rava Fry, & Rice....

Palak Tambli...Recipe:

1.In a pan put 1/4tsp.ghee and fry 1tsp.jeera, , 2-3 green chopped chillies and add 1/4tsp. hing
2.grind 1/2 grated coconut, leaves of 1 bunch boiled palak, and the above tadka(ghee,jeera,green chillies,hing),tamarind and salt together,make a fine paste
3.add water in the paste and tambli is need of heating..(water may be added as required)
4.serve with rice

Double Beans Bendi):..Recipe

soak double beans for 4hours.. cook it in pressure cooker till soft..grind red whole chillies,some cooked beans,1tabsp.fresh grated coconut,little imli(tamarind)..make a fine paste..then add tirfal seeds in it and grind it 1 more time(if it is available..or it can be made without this.).. mix this masla with cooked beans,add salt..give a nice boil.. make tadka of oil & lots of garlic.. add it in curry..bendi is ready to serve.

Stuffed Green Masala Pomfret Fry

1.take3 small or medium sized whole pomfret(slit in an arc on one side from the head to bottom,and two straight slits on the other side). apply salt,haldi and red chilly powder to the cleaned pomfrets.
2.grind2tabsp. grated coconut,1 bunch dhania leaves,2-3green chillies,10to12 garlic,1/ pepper,2-
3 kokam,salt with few drops of water and make thick paste
3.stuff this paste into the slitted arc of the pomfret and apply little on the other slits as well.
4.let it marinate for 10-15 mins.
5.mix the rawa and rice powder together and roll the pomfret from both sides.
6.heat the oil in a pan and fry well.
7.stuffed pomfrets are ready to serve.

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