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Spices that can Ward off Diseases

Spices that can Ward off Diseases

As a registered dietitian and associate nutrition editor at EatingWell Magazine, I know that herbs and spices do more than simply add flavor to food. They let you cut down on some less-healthy ingredients, such as salt,

Added sugars and saturated fat, and some have inherent health benefits, many of which Joyce Hendley reported on for EatingWell Magazine.

By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor at EatingWell Magazine

Modern science is beginning to uncover the ultimate power of spices and herbs, as weapons against illnesses from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. "We're now starting to see a scientific basis for why people have been using spices medicinally for thousands of years," says Bharat Aggarwal, Ph.D., professor at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and author of Healing Spices (Sterling, 2011).
Aggarwal notes that in his native India, where spices tend to be used by the handful, incidence of diet-related diseases like heart disease and cancer have long been low. But when Indians move away and adopt more Westernized eating patterns, their rates of those diseases rise. While researchers usually blame the meatier, fattier nature of Western diets, Aggarwal and other experts believe that herbs and spices-or more precisely, the lack of them-are also an important piece of the dietary puzzle. "When Indians eat more Westernized foods, they're getting much fewer spices than their traditional diet contains," he explains. "They lose the protection those spices are conveying."

While science has yet to show that any spice cures disease, there's compelling evidence that several may help manage some chronic conditions (though it's always smart to talk with your doctor). What's not to love? Here we've gathered eight of the healthiest spices and herbs enjoyed around the world

Chile Peppers
May help: Boost metabolism.

Chile peppers add a much-appreciated heat to chilly-weather dishes, and they can also give a boost to your metabolism. Thank capsaicin, the compound that gives fresh Chiles, and spices including cayenne and chipotle, their kick. Studies show that capsaicin can increase the body's metabolic rate (causing one to burn more calories) and may stimulate brain chemicals that help us feel less hungry. In fact, one study found that people ate 16 percent fewer calories at a meal if they'd sipped a hot-pepper-spiked tomato juice (vs. Plain tomato juice) half an hour earlier. Recent research found that capsinoids, similar but gentler chemicals found in milder Chile hybrids, have the same effects-so even tamer sweet paprika packs a healthy punch. Capsaicin may also lower risk of ulcers by boosting the ability of stomach cells to resist infection by ulcer-causing bacteria and help the heart by keeping "bad" LDL cholesterol from turning into a more lethal, artery-clogging form.

May help: Soothe an upset stomach, fight arthritis pain.

Ginger has a well-deserved reputation for relieving an unsettled stomach. Studies show ginger extracts can help reduce nausea caused by morning sickness or following surgery or chemotherapy, though it's less effective for motion sickness. But ginger is also packed with inflammation-fighting compounds, such as gingerols, which some experts believe may hold promise in fighting some cancers and may reduce the aches of osteoarthritis and soothe sore muscles. In a recent study, people who took ginger capsules daily for 11 days reported 25 percent less muscle pain when they performed exercises designed to strain their muscles (compared with a similar group taking placebo capsules). Another study found that ginger-extract injections helped relieve osteoarthritis pain of the knee.

May help: Stabilize blood sugar.

A few studies suggest that adding cinnamon to food-up to a teaspoon a day, usually given in capsule form-might help people with type 2 diabetes better control their blood sugar, by lowering post-meal blood-sugar spikes. Other studies suggest the effects are limited at best.

May help: Quell inflammation, inhibit tumors.

Turmeric, the goldenrod-colored spice, is used in India to help wounds heal (it's applied as a paste); it's also made into a tea to relieve colds and respiratory problems. Modern medicine confirms some solid-gold health benefits as well; most are associated with curcumin, a compound in turmeric that has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin has been shown to help relieve pain of arthritis, injuries and dental procedures; it's also being studied for its potential in managing heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Researcher Bharat Aggarwal is bullish on curcumin's potential as a cancer treatment, particularly in colon, prostate and breast cancers; preliminary studies have found that curcumin can inhibit tumor cell growth and suppress enzymes that activate carcinogens.

May help: Lift your mood.

Saffron has long been used in traditional Persian medicine as a mood lifter, usually steeped into a medicinal tea or used to prepare rice. Research from Iran's Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital at Tehran University of Medical Sciences has found that saffron may help to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and depression. In one study, 75% of women with PMS who were given saffron capsules daily reported that their PMS symptoms (such as mood swings and depression) declined by at least half, compared with only 8 percent of women who didn't take saffron.

May help: Inhibit breast cancer-cell growth.

University of Missouri scientists found that this herb can actually inhibit breast cancer-cell growth, reported Holly Pevzner in the September/October 2011 issue of EatingWell Magazine. In the study, animals that were given apigenin, a compound abundant in parsley (and in celery), boosted their resistance to developing cancerous tumors. Experts recommend adding a couple pinches of minced fresh parsley to your dishes daily.

May help: Preserve memory, soothe sore throats.

Herbalists recommend sipping sage tea for upset stomachs and sore throats, a remedy supported by one study that found spraying sore throats with a sage solution gave effective pain relief. And preliminary research suggests the herb may improve some symptoms of early Alzheimer's disease by preventing a key enzyme from destroying acetylcholine, a brain chemical involved in memory and learning. In another study, college students who took sage extracts in capsule form performed significantly better on memory tests, and their moods improved.

May help: Enhance mental focus, fight foodborne bacteria.

One recent study found that people performed better on memory and alertness tests when mists of aromatic rosemary oil were piped into their study cubicles. Rosemary is often used in marinades for meats and poultry, and there's scientific wisdom behind that tradition: rosmarinic acid and other antioxidant compounds in the herb fight bacteria and prevent meat from spoiling, and may even make cooked meats healthier. In March 2010, Kansas State University researchers reported that adding rosemary extracts to ground beef helped prevent the formation of heterocyclic amines (HCAs)-cancer-causing compounds produced when meats are grilled, broiled or fried.

(Author: Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor at EatingWell Magazine)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dudh (Milk) Pithle


Dudh Pithle is a maharashtrian side dish..It is very different but very easy and quick  to make ..It tastes good with hot hot rice and any pickle and papad..


1.Fresh milk-2-3 cups.

2.Besan-3-4 tabsps. or more as needed for thickness.


4.Garlic-5-6 cloves chopped or crushed.

5.Red Chilli Powder-1tsp.


7.Salt-as per taste.



10.Dhania leaves-to garnish.


1.In a kadai add oil..when heated add jeera,chopped or crushed garlic,fry till light brown .

2.then haldi and add milk in it.add red chilli powder to it..let it boil.

3.add salt as per taste,sugar(optional).

4 .when it is boiled ..start adding besan ..stir continuously till besan gets well mixed in milk..

5.keep some lumps of besan in it tastes nice in pithle.

6.Garnish it with dhania leaves.

7.Dudh (Milk) pithle is ready to serve with rice.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Home Made Tomato Ketchup (Sauce)


Tomato Ketchup is very essential with fried snacks..Instead of buying from the  shop I like to make it at home.

I dont  use any preservatives all family members including kids love try it!!!I am sure You

all will also love it..


1.Red Tomatoes-2kg.

2.Sugar-1.1/2 cup.




6.Red Chilli Powder-1tabsp.

7.White Vinegar-3/4 cup.

8.Whole Garam Masala-4-5 Lavang(cloves), 2 Small dalchini pieces(Cinnamon), 3 Elaichi (Cardmom), 8 to

10 Black Pepper.

9.Salt-1-2 tsp. as per taste.

1.Make half pieces of riped red tomatoes.

2.Tie whole garam masala in a small muslin cloth.

3.In a pressure cooker take these tomato pieces,add chopped onion, chopped garlic,chopped ginger,whole garam masala tied in muslin cloth..and boil it for three whistles.

4.Then remove skins of tomato pieces. and remove whole garam masala from it.

5. Grind it in a mixie or with a hand mixer .then strain that all seeds and other things will get separated from tomato paste.

6.In a big kadai or a fry pan add this ground,strained juice ,add sugar,.red chilli powder,vinegar,salt,keep it on a medium flame .. stir it till all water gets dried up and becomes thick like a sauce..

7.After it becomes cool fill it in the clean bottle and keep it in the fridge.

This home made tomato ketchup tastes just like out side ketchup..try it..

Dahi Masala Idli

Recipe Description:

A very healthy and nutritious meal/snack for all age groups.quick and easy to make.tastes wonderful.Thanks to shobhana rao (my daughter in law's Mother) for this lovely recipe


1.wheat rawa(semolina)-1 bowl

2.dahi-1 bowl

3.milk - 1/2 bowl

4.2-3 green chillies chopped

5.grated coconut - 1/2 -3/4 bowl

6.ginger small piece

7.dhania leaves- handful

8.curry leaves -5-6

9.rai - 1/2 tsp


11.salt to taste

12.sugar- appx 1/2 tsp or to taste

13.oil 1tbsp for tadka

14.fruit salt(plain eno)- 3/4 tsp

15.cashewnuts - small pieces(optional)


1.make tadka of oil,rai,curry leaves,hing,cashewnuts(optional)and add rava and roast for few minutes and let it cool.

2.meanwhile grind coconut,green chilies,dhania leaves,ginger with little water(only if required).

3.mix this ground masala with rava, add dahi,milk,salt, sugar and keep aside for 10 mins.

4.just before steaming add eno,mix well.

5.steam in idli mould for 10-12 minutes.

6.dahi idli is ready to serve.

MY LUNCH THALI....Akhkha (Whole) Toor Upakari, Saar, Batata Songg, Batata Bajji (Raita), Red Papad Roast, &.....Rice

Akhkha (Whole) Toor Upakri...Recipe..

Soak 2 cups Akhkha Toor in water for 5-6 hours. then cook it in pressure cooker till soft and well cooked.(cook for 4whistles then 10minutes on low flame.) then remove water from it  and keep it aside.
In a pan make tadka with 1tabsp.coconut oil (or any other oil), add  1tsp.mustardseeds,1/2 tspn.udid dal,1green chilli,1red chilli, 5-6currypatta, 1/4tsp.hing. then add 1/ chilli powder.
then add cooked whole toor in it.. add1tsp. gud ,salt as per taste.add 2-3 tabsp. grated fresh coconut ..mix well add some toor boiled water.. keep on flame till toor get well mixed with masala.. whole toor upakari is ready to serve..


This Saar is made with water of cooked whole toor .grind 2tabsp.fresh grated coconut,1 whole red chilli,3tabsp.cooked toor, 1/2tsp.dhania seeds,2-3 chopped garlic,small piece of imli(chinch) with water.make fine paste.. add this in boiled toor water..add salt,little gud,1-3 green chillies.2crushed garlics.then boil it nicely for 5minutes.make tadka of 1tabsp.ghee,5-6 crushed garlics,1whole red chilli..add it in saar..garnish with dhania leaves..saar is ready to serve.

Batata Bajji (Raita) .....Recipe..

Mash 2boiled potatoes,add 1 finely chopped onion,2 finely chopped geen chillies,1tabsp. chopped dhania leaves,salt,pinch of sugar,mix well then add 1/2 to 1cup dahi in it. mix again..make tadka with 1tsp ghee ,1/4 ts[.mustard seeds, 4-5 currypatta, 1 whole red chilli, pinch of  hing..add it in raita.. batata bajji (raita) is ready to serve.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Kolhapuri chicken is a very famous dish from is very spicy and hot...the aroma of this curry is

mainly of its ingredients.Kolhapuri Chicken Curry..Recipe..this curry is made with marinating chicken with

masalas and cooked with special kolhapuri masala..


1.chicken-500gms. chillies- 2-3

3.dhania leaves-Handfull


5.ginger-2 inch


7.whole garam masala: dhania seeds-2tabsp., jeera-1/4tsp, lavang-4-5, dalchini-small piece,,black pepper-4-5, khaskhas-1tsp, saunf-1/4tsp,

8.kolhapuri masala-{.tht is red masala of red chillies, onions,garlic,garam masala&dry coconut(which is fried & in powder form)}







1.wash and clean chicken pieces.

2.marinate chicken with haldi,salt,and ground paste of green chillies,garlic,ginger,dhania leaves.and some chilli powder or kolhapuri masala.

3.fry long chopped onions, fresh grated coconut and whole garam masala(dry dhania seeds,jeera,lavang,dalchini,black pepper,saunf,),add and fry grated ginger,garlic paste with it.

4.then grind it and make fine paste.

5. in pressure cooker add oil,put kolhapuri masala.{.tht is red masala of red chillies, onions,garlic,garam masala&dry coconut(which is fried & in powder form)}..then add some1 finely chopped onion,tomato fry till soft. add chicken fry for few minutes,then add ground masala fry.

6.then add water & cook it for 3whistles..

7. kolhapuri chicken is ready to serve.

8.garnish with dhania leaves.

(when we put kolhapuri masala in oil it gives nice red colour to a becomes yummy..)

Monday, June 18, 2012


Recipe Description:

A special treat for fish lovers.great flavour,amazing taste.One of the best and easy recipe for fish fry.


1.3 small or medium sized whole pomfret(slit in an arc on one side from the head to bottom,and two straight slits on the other side).

2.haldi - 1/2 t sp

3.salt to taste

4.grated coconut - 1/4 wati(small bowl).or 2-3 tabsp.

5.chopped corriander leaves - 2 wati OR 1bunch

6.chopped green chillies-2-3

7.garlic - 10-12 cloves chopped.

8.whole black pepper - 1/4 tsp

9.kokam (amsul)- 2-3 chilly powder - 1 tsp

11.fine rawa

12.rice powder

13.oil to fry


1.apply salt,haldi and red chilly powder to the cleaned pomfret.

2.grind grated coconut,dhania leaves,green chillies,garlic,black pepper,kokam,salt with few drops of water and make thick paste

3.stuff this paste into the slitted arc of the pomfret and apply little on the other slits as well.

4.let it marinate for 10-15 mins.

5.mix the rawa and rice powder together and roll the pomfret from both sides.

6.heat the oil in a pan and fry well.

7.stuffed pomfrets are ready to serve.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

MY AMCHI LUNCH THALI....Palak Tambli, Double Beans Bendi, Stuffed Green Masala Pomfret Fry, Prawns Rava Fry, & Rice....

Palak Tambli...Recipe:

1.In a pan put 1/4tsp.ghee and fry 1tsp.jeera, , 2-3 green chopped chillies and add 1/4tsp. hing
2.grind 1/2 grated coconut, leaves of 1 bunch boiled palak, and the above tadka(ghee,jeera,green chillies,hing),tamarind and salt together,make a fine paste
3.add water in the paste and tambli is need of heating..(water may be added as required)
4.serve with rice

Double Beans Bendi):..Recipe

soak double beans for 4hours.. cook it in pressure cooker till soft..grind red whole chillies,some cooked beans,1tabsp.fresh grated coconut,little imli(tamarind)..make a fine paste..then add tirfal seeds in it and grind it 1 more time(if it is available..or it can be made without this.).. mix this masla with cooked beans,add salt..give a nice boil.. make tadka of oil & lots of garlic.. add it in curry..bendi is ready to serve.

Stuffed Green Masala Pomfret Fry

1.take3 small or medium sized whole pomfret(slit in an arc on one side from the head to bottom,and two straight slits on the other side). apply salt,haldi and red chilly powder to the cleaned pomfrets.
2.grind2tabsp. grated coconut,1 bunch dhania leaves,2-3green chillies,10to12 garlic,1/ pepper,2-
3 kokam,salt with few drops of water and make thick paste
3.stuff this paste into the slitted arc of the pomfret and apply little on the other slits as well.
4.let it marinate for 10-15 mins.
5.mix the rawa and rice powder together and roll the pomfret from both sides.
6.heat the oil in a pan and fry well.
7.stuffed pomfrets are ready to serve.




1.chicken drumsticks-8

2.grated garlic paste-2tabsp.

3.soya sauce-1tabsp.

4.egg white- of 1 egg.

5.salt-as per taste.

5.crushed black pepper powder-1/2tsp.

6.sugar-less than 1/4tsp

7.cornflour-2-3tabsp.or more if needed to cover pieces.

8.oil-to deep fry.


1.remove skin of chicken drumsticks,wash it.

2add salt,sugar,grated garlic paste,soya sauce,freshly crushed black pepper powder to chicken drumsticks..mix it nicely.keep marinated for 1/2 an hour.

3.then add 1beaten egg white,mix it..then add cornflour in it..apply this properly..

5deep fry chicken drumsticks in hot oil..on low flame keeping lid for some time and changing sides in between..then remove lid and fry it till brown and crispy..

6.chinese chicken drumsticks are ready to serve with tomato ketchup or any other sauce..

Friday, June 15, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Crab Curry, Crusty Rolls, Onion Salad, ..& Rice

Crab Curry....Recipe..

1.wash crabs..clean it and make 2 pieces..

2.take 1sp.oil in a pan roast all whole garam masala (6cloves,1inch cinnamon,dhania seeds-2tabsp.,jeera-1/4tsp,saunf- 1/2tsp,black pepper-6/7,green elaichi-3,optional(small piece dagadful,javitri,1/4sp khaskhas,,1tsp til ,pinch of jaiphal powder)for 1 minute

3..take 1tab sp.oil in a pan roast long cut onions,5garlic cloves,ginger piece,fry untill light brown add grated coconut and roast it till coconut gets little brown.

4.grind above roasted garam masala,roasted onion coconut,red chillies,little dhania leaves together with water and make fine paste.

5.take 3tabsp oil,add tomatoes fry for few minutes,add crabs fry for 3to 4 minutes,add ground above masala,salt as per taste,,add 3-4 kokums,add water and cook it .keep gravy as you require.

6.garnish with dhania leaves.

7.curry is ready to serve with rice,chapati,or bread.



Meduvada is a South Indian dish..It can be eaten as a snack or as a starters..


1.Udid Dal- 2 cups

2.Green Chillies- 3-4

3.Ginger- 1 inch piece.

4.Curry patta- 8-10.


6.Dhania Leaves- handful.

7.Salt- as per taste.

8.Onion- 1 big

8.Oil- to deep fry.


1.soak udid dal for 4to 5 hours.

2. grind it with minimum water with salt,and hing..grind roughly green chillies,ginger,curypatta,
3.mix it in the udid dal batter.add dhania leaves,add finely chopped onion,few more currypatta.
4.heat oil properly,dip hand in some waterin a bowl ..take 1ball of batter on the4 finger tips..make a hole in 

the middle with a thumb.. give a shape of medu vada.. leave it in the hot oil..deep fry till brown &crispy...
5.meduvadas are ready to serve.



This is my most favourite dish..Its a very simple but very yummy.I have used minimum indredients to grill try it...


1Chicken wings-10 to 12

2.Onion-2medium size.

3.Nando's peri peri hot marinade sauce-1 to 2 tabsp per taste.

4.Lemon juice-1tsp.

5.Salt-as per taste.

6.Kashmiri red chilli powder-1/2tsp.



1.Marinate chicken wings with grated onion,salt,little chilli powder,Nando's peri peri hot marinade 

sauce,lemon jiuice ...

2.keep it in the fridge for 4to 5 hours.

3.then brush it with oil..

4. put it on BBQ sticks..

5.griill it in microwave for 12 minutes 1side..then again 12to 15 minutes second side..

6.grilled chicken wings r ready to serve...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI..Bhendi Masaledar, Takatly(buttermilk) Dalimbi(sprouted val), Cauliflower Talasani, Bangda Fish Fry...& Rice


Make 1/2 to 1 inch pieces of 250 gms Bhendi.add little salt and.shallow fry it in 1to2 tabsp of oil till light crispy and till light brown.remove it and keep aside.
grind 1big tomato pieces, 4-5garlic chopped, and 2 green chillies without water.
in a frying pan add 2 tabsp of oil,make tadka adding with jeera,chopped 2garlic pieces,1 red whole chilli.then add 2onions chopped ..fry on high flame.add 1/2tsp redchilli powder,1/4sp haldi,pinch hing powder,1tsp dhania powder,then add ground tomato paste..fry till oil separates.then add 1tabsp kimball thai chilli sauce(or tomato chill sauce).fry for few minutes..then add some salt,add fried bhendi in it.. mix it well..garnish with dhania leaves..Bhendi Masaledar is ready to serve.

TAKATLYA (Buttermilk) DALIMBI (sprouted val)..Recipe..

Boil 1 cup of Dalimbi (sprouted & skin removed val), with 2-3 chopped green chillies,5-6 curry patta,some dhania leaves, salt ,and some water in pressuer cooker .cook till 3whistles.
mix 2-3cups of buttermilk with 1tsp of besan.make tadka of 1tabsp oil,add rai, methi seeds, jeera, curry patta,1red whole chilli,1green chilli, hing powder, haldi..then add cooked val in it..then mix it .add butter milk mixture.add salt and 1tsp sugar.some dhania leaves.stir well.. keep it on flame till it gets boiled..garnish with dhania leaves..takatlya dalimbi is ready to serve.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Prawns and Small Fish red curry,Jeera-Miryachi Kadhi, Chana Masala, Poha Papad, Wheat Kurdai Fry....& Rice

Prawns n Small Fish red curry..Recipe...

clean and wash prawns and fish..apply salt and haldi...keep aside..In a pan take some coconut oil(or any other oil), add rai,currypatta,methi seeds,haldi, red chilli powder ,dhania powder then add grated ginger garlic paste, .fry for few seconds,add  chopped shallots(small onions))..add finely chopped tomato,green chillies chopped,fry till all gets mixed together..then add salt,some coconut milk,& water ,add kokum(i added malabari kodampuli ),add some dhania leaves.then add prawns and fish  in to it....add some more currypatta while boiling.. boil it for curry is ready to serve..

Chana Masala...Recipe..

In a pressure cooker take soaked & sprouted big chana,add finely chopped onions,finely chopped tomatoes, green chillies, dhania leaves, dhania powder,haldi, red chilli powder,little pepper powder, garam masala powder,little sugar (optional), grated or paste of ginger ,garlic ..heat atleast 2t-3 tabsp oil & add it in it,u can add pinch of soda ..add some water..& cook for 4to 5 whistles..then on low flame for 10minutes..chana masala is ready to serve,..

Jeera-Mirya (cumminseeds n black peeper) coconut kadhi..Recipe..

In 1/tsp.ghee fry 2tsp jeera,1/2tsp miri(black pepper) ,2-3garlic chopped till light brown,add 1 or 2 red whole chillies in it.. grind this with 2wati fresh grated coconut in fine paste.. then add some water in this ground masala,add some salt, 2 kokum,and boil it for 2 minutes.. switch off the gas before it strts boiling..then add tadka of ghee &4-5 garlic in it..kadhi is ready to serve..

Monday, June 11, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI.....Vali(Mayalu,or Malabar Spinach) Sambhare, Suran(Yam) Koshimbir, Valache Birde, Suran Chips, tak(Buttermilk) Mattha,...Phulka, &.....Rice

Vali(Mayalu,or Malabar Spinach) Sambhare..Recipe

wash and chop vali bhaji(malabar spinach) .( 3-4 wati chopped ).
cook it along with  1wati toor dal in pressure cooker till well cooked.
roast 2tsp dhania seeds,and 8-10 methi seeds and 2-3red whole chillies in 1/4tsp of oil.then
grind  1.1/2wati fresh coconut, small piece of chinch(tamarind),haldi, and above roasted masala with some water.make fine paste..then add this  ground masala in the mixture of well cooked &mashed dal-vali bhaji
mixture..add salt &1/4spsp of sugar(optional).mix well..boil it.. make tadka of1tsp oil,crushed 5-6 garlic
and add in the curry..vali sambhare is ready to serve with rice..

Valache Birde..Recipe

soak val for 6-8 hours in water.then remove water and keep it over night in a warm place to get sprouts.
grind coarsely 2green chillies, handful dhania leaves, 1tsp jeera, without water..keep it a pressure cooker make tadka with 2tabsp of oil, add 1/2tsp rai, 3-4 currypatta, pinch hing, 1/2tsp haldi.then add ground green masala,add 1tsp kolhapuri masala,or goda masala,or garam masala with red chilli powder,fry for few minutes.then add sprouted 3-4wati val.fry for some time..add 1-2 kokum,2tabsp fresh grated coconut..mix it..add little water..cook it for only 1or 2 whistles.garnish with dhania leaves...valache birde is ready to serve.

Suran Chips...Recipe

make thin slices of suran(yam)..add salt, haldi, red chilli powder, hing..mix it properly.. then roll it in rice powder & fry it till crispy..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

MY THALI WITH METHI PULAO...(Methi Pulao, kakdi-tomato Raita,Tomato Saar, Prawns Fry,)

METHI PULAO....Recipe..

Wash 2 wati Green Methi leaves..Wash 1 wati Basmati rice..and keep itfor half an hour. In pressure cooker
heat 2 tabsp of ghee or oil ..add tej patta, small dalchini piece,2 lavang, 1/4 tsp saunf, 1/2 tsp jeera,..when it 
splutters add 2onions chopped,saute for some time.add 1tabsp grated ginger and garlic paste.fry till onions get 
pink colour then add 1 tsp dhania powder,1/2 tsp red chilli powder,1/4 tsp haldi, ..fry for few seconds..then 
add washed rice fry for some time.add green methi leaves..fy for few minutes.then add 1 chopped 
tomatoes..saute ..then add salt as per taste..add 1-1/2 wati hot water..and  pressure cook it till 1 or 2 
whistles.Methi Pulao is ready to serve..

Sabudana Vada

Recipe Description..

Sabudana Vada is a Maharashtrian is mostly made on fasting day.but these vadas are very tasty so

we make it as a evening tea time snack.


1.Sabudana-2cups (soaked for 4-5 hours)

2.Roasted Ground nuts powder-1/2 cup.

3.Boiled Potatoes-3-4.

4.Green chillies-3-4..chopped

5.Ginger-1/2 inch piece.


7.Oil-for frying.

8.Dhania leaves-2-3tabsp chopped finely.

9.Salt-as per taste.

10.Sugar-less than 1/4tsp (optional)


1.Mix together Soaked sabudana (soaked for 4-5 hours), roasted groundnuts powder, boiled,mashed 


2.grind masala without water or crush it.. green chillies,small piece of ginger, jeera together..add it in sabudana 

potato mixture.

3.add salt,sugar , chopped dhania leaves.mix all nicely..make round balls and press it . deep fry all 


4.vadas are ready .. serve with tomato ketchup.