Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Divkadgi(Breadfruit)-Onion Sukke, Garlic Tadka Dal, Baby Potatoes Jumping, Phagil or Kantola(Indian teasel Gourd) , & Parwal (Pointed Gourd.) Phodi(chips), ...& Rice...

Baby Potato Jumping..Recipe..

BABY POTATO JUMPING... jumping potato is very easy..take little more oil add lots of crushed garlic..after grying add boiled baby potatoes,haldi,salt and lots of red chilli powder..&fry it till potatoes get crisp..because it is spicy we call it potato jumping!!!!

Divkadgi(Bread Fruit) sukke..Recipe..

Remove skin of 1 medium sized Divkadgi..make big pieces of it.add some salt and 1-2 small onion pieces.boil it with some water .it can be cooked in microave or in pressure cooker for 2 whistles. in a tadka pan take 1/tsp of oil.add 2tsp of dhania seeds,1tsp of udid dal,7-8 methi seeds..fry for 1-2minutes till it gets fried slightly.add 3-4 red whole chillies..Grind this fry masala with fresh grated coconut,small piece of imli(chinch),1/4tsp of haldi,and some water..add this ground paste in cooked divkadgi ,add some gud and saltas per taste..then make tadka with oil rai,curry patta,hing..add in it..divkadgi is ready to serve..

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