Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kashmiri Roganjosh

Kashmiri Roganjosh:


Kashmiri Roganjosh is a trditional dish of kashmir.Special combination of  masalas makes this dish

very tasty.


1.Mutton-1/2 kg.


3.Tomato puree-2tabsp.


5.Dry Ginger powder (sunthi powder).



8.Kashmiri red chilli powder-1tabsp.

9.Dalchini pieces-2 small pieces.

10.Green Elaichi-5


12.Tej patta-1-2

13.Saffron-pinch soaked in 2tabsp milk.


15.Oil OR Ghee-3tabsp.

16.Salt-as per taste.

17.Paprika-1tsp.(if available).


1.Wash Mutton pieces.Apply some chilli powder,salt..and keep for 15 minutes.

2.Grind together all spices.. ginger powder,red chilli powder, saunf, shahjeera, elaichi, dalchini. lavang.

garlic and paprika.

3.soak saffron in milk. pressure cooker heat oil or ghee.add tej patta, hing.then add mutton..stir well. and fry untill all

water dries up and get ligh brown colour.

5.Then add dahi in it.fry till all liquid gets absorbed.then add glass of water.and add ground spices..then

bring to boil.stir well.reduce heat and simmer for few minutes..then add saffron mixture in it. close

pressure cooker..and cook mutton for 3 whistles..then on low flame for 15 minutes till mutton gets

well cooked..

6.Garnish with dhania leaves..Kashmiri Roganjosh is ready to serve with rotis..

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