Thursday, May 10, 2012

AshGourd ( kuwalya) Curry(dhanvi randai)

AshGourd ( kuwalya) Curry(dhanvi randai)..


It is a mangalorian is white in tastes very good when served with dal and rice..


1.ashgourd-peeled &chopped in cubes-3wati.

2.grated fresh coconut-1wati chillies-3-4.


5.curry patta-10-12


7.methi seeds-less than 1/4sp.

8.mustard seeds(rai)-1/4tsp.

9.small whole red chilli.


11.salt-as per taste.


1.peel ashgourd..make square cubes.

2.cook it with green chillies,salt,and some water.cook it till ashgourd cooks well. a tadka wati take 1/4tsp oil add methi seeds.fry for few seconds.

4.grind and make fine paste of fresh grated coconut,fried methi,with little water.

5.add this masala in boiled ashgourd,add some curry patta in it.

6.after boiling when masala gets well mixed with ashgourd,add whisked dahi in it.switch off gas..plz do not

boil curry after adding dahi.

7.make tadka of oil,mustard seeds,curry patta,hing,small piece of whole red chilli,and add it in curry.

8.ashgourd white curry is ready to serve.

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