Thursday, May 31, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI.....Akkhi Gavar, Magge (Yellow Cucumber) - Drumsticks Ambat (Curry), Baby Corn-Spring Onion-Capsicum Chilli, Prawns Rava Fry & Rice

Akkhi Gavar...Recipe..

Make long pieces of 250gms of Gavar.Take 2tabsp of oil in a pan or kadhai..after heating add 1/4tsp mustard seeds,1/4tsp ajwain, when mustard seeds start spluttering add 1/4tsp hing powder,1/4tsp haldi powder,1/2tsp freshly crushed black pepper ,and 1/2tsp red chilli powder.then add Gavar pieces in it..saute for few minutes. add little gud,and salt as per taste..add some water to cook.cover it..and cook Gavar till soft.Akkhi Gavar is ready to serve with chapatis or rice.

Baby Corn-Spring Onion-Capsicum Chilli...Recipe

Make long pieces of 8-10 Baby Corns.,and 1big Capsicum.finely chop 1 bunch of Spring onion.Take 1-2 Tabsp of oil in a pan.add 2 chopped Garlics,2red whole chillies,fry it for few seconds,add 1tabsp of grated ginger and garlic paste.add 3 green chillies chopped...saute for few seconds.add white part of spring onion. then add Baby Corn pieces and fry for 2-3 minutes.then add Capsicum pieces.saute till  it gets slight brown colour .then add 1tsp of soya sauce,1/2tsp of tomato ketchup,1/4tsp of red chillpowder, little of black pepper powder,and little of Maggi vegetable  stock powder(optional), salt as per taste. fry on high flame..then add finely chopped green finely chopped spring onion.mix it properly .Baby Corn-Spring Onion-Capsicum Chilli is ready to serve.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Tomato Saar With Coconut Milk

Tomato Saar With Coconut Milk..



2.Green chillies-2-3.


4.Coconut milk-1cup or more.




8.Red whole chilli-1-2.

9.Curry patta-8 leaves.

10.Sugar-1/2tsp or as per taste.

11.Salt-as per taste.

12.Dhania leaves-1tabsp chopped finely.


1.Boil Tomato pieces,Jeera,and Green chillies together with some some water till Tomato gets soft.

2.Grind it .then add some salt,sugar and some Curry patta..add some water as needed.

3.Boil it nicely..then add coconut milk in it..I have used instant Maggi milk powder mixed with water.

4.Do not over boil it. Add Dhania leaves.

5.Make tadka of ghee,rai,red chilli,curry patta,hing and pour it in saar.garnish with dhania leaves..Tomato

Saar is ready to serve..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI....Drumsticks-Dal Amti, Sprouted Matki Usal (Mothbeans Usal), Potato Raita, Mussels Fry...& Rice.

Mussels fry ..tastes very crispy & yummy..
Apply salt, haldi, red chilli powder, little of malavani masala, & garlic paste. Keep for 15 minutes. Then roll it in rawa & fry it...Mussels fry will be ready, some times i also apply green masala paste of garlic, green chilli & dhania leaves. That also tastes lovely..

Drumsticks-Dal Amti
Boil turdal in pressure cooker, boil drumsticks & tomato pieces separately. then mix it with dal..made tadka of oil, rai, methi seeds, jeera, hing, haldi, currypatta, some goda masala, red chilli powder, then pour it in dal mixture. add imli juice, again add some goda masala, green chillies, dhania leaves, add salt, jaggery & boil it nicely till amti aroma comes out.. garnish with dhania leaves. amti is ready to serve.

Matki Usal
Soak matki in the morning..remove water & keep it overnight in microwave or in some warm tht matki will get sprouted next day..then in a pan make tadka of oil. add chopped garlic, mustard seeds, jeera, curry patta, hing, haldi, then add fnely chopped onions, green chillies, fry till onions get pinkish color, then add tomato pieces. fry for some time. add red chilli powder, goda masala or any other garam masala which u have, add matki. saute for some time. add salt, little sugar or jaggery, mix it properly. add water & cook till matki gets cooked. add some fresh grated coconut garnish with dhania leaves. u can do all this process in pressure cooker..but cook it only for 1 whistle & do not add more water like we put in a pan, put only little water just to get 1 whistle.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

TODAY'S LUNCH....Tomato soup, Egg Curry, Cucumber-Onion Salad, &...Pav!!!!


boil 4-5 eggs,shell it &make pieces as u want.chop 3-4 onions.fry in 2-3 tsp oil -1tabsp dhania seeds,4-5 lavang,small piece of dalchini,1/2tsp jeera,2elaichi,1/4ts saunf,5-6 black pepper,then add chopped onion,3-4garlic,small ginger piece.grind together all this fried masala,dhania leaves,1-2 green chillies,.then in kadai heat oil,add 1finely chopped tomato,fry till soft,add ground paste,fry for few minutes..then add red chilli powder,as per taste,haldi pinch,salt..mix together..add egg pieces in it.add water to make gravy.. boil it nicely .then add 1cup thick coconut milk.i use instant maggi coconut milk powder mixed in water..then boil for 4-5 minutes..garnish with dhania leaves..egg curry is ready to serve..


Boil 5-6 tomatoes,2-3 garlic cloves,small piece of ginger, 1 chopped small onion, small piece of dalchini,1lavang,1 elaichi,8-9 black peeper with some water in pressure cooker for 3 whistles.. then cool it..remove skin of tomatoes. then remove and dicscard elaichi,lavang,dalchin from it.i..and grind all boiled things with boiled tomatoes.add water and keep it to boil,add 1 tabsp of corn flour mixed with water..add salt,sugar as per taste.. boil it properly..tomato soup is ready to serve.. serve with fried bread crunbs(small pieces)..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Divkadgi(Breadfruit)-Onion Sukke, Garlic Tadka Dal, Baby Potatoes Jumping, Phagil or Kantola(Indian teasel Gourd) , & Parwal (Pointed Gourd.) Phodi(chips), ...& Rice...

Baby Potato Jumping..Recipe..

BABY POTATO JUMPING... jumping potato is very easy..take little more oil add lots of crushed garlic..after grying add boiled baby potatoes,haldi,salt and lots of red chilli powder..&fry it till potatoes get crisp..because it is spicy we call it potato jumping!!!!

Divkadgi(Bread Fruit) sukke..Recipe..

Remove skin of 1 medium sized Divkadgi..make big pieces of it.add some salt and 1-2 small onion pieces.boil it with some water .it can be cooked in microave or in pressure cooker for 2 whistles. in a tadka pan take 1/tsp of oil.add 2tsp of dhania seeds,1tsp of udid dal,7-8 methi seeds..fry for 1-2minutes till it gets fried slightly.add 3-4 red whole chillies..Grind this fry masala with fresh grated coconut,small piece of imli(chinch),1/4tsp of haldi,and some water..add this ground paste in cooked divkadgi ,add some gud and saltas per taste..then make tadka with oil rai,curry patta,hing..add in it..divkadgi is ready to serve..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI....Mashroom Songg, Palak Dal, Palak Raita,Bangda Fish Fry, ....& Rice.

Palak Dal...Recipe..

Boil 2cup toor dal,and 1cup finely chopped palak with water in pressure cooker till 3 whistles.then remove it &mix it till dal gets fully mashed.add more water if needed .make tadka of 2sp oil,add 4-5 garlic chopped,1/2tsp udid dal, 1/4tsp jeera, 1/4tsp rai, 2red chillies ,few currypatta, pinch haldi..then add mixed cooked dal and palak in it..while boiling add 3green chillies chopped, add salt as per taste, 1/4tsp sugar (optional).then boil dal for few minutes till all get well mixed..palak dal is ready to serve.

Mashroom Songg...Recipe..

make big pieces of washed &cleaned 10 to 12 mashrooms.keep aside.. in a pan take 2tabsp of coconut oil,add finely chopped 3 onions.fry till onions get light brown colour,add 2tsp of kashmiri red chilli powder,1/4tsp haldi,salt as per taste, then add 1/2 tsp of imli (tamarind) juice.mix it properly..then add mashroom pieces in it. mix it..keep lid cook till get well cooked..mashroom song is ready to serve.

Monday, May 21, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI...Corn with Peanut Butter,Vali(malabar spinach)-Magge(yellow cucumber)-Alsanda seeds(black eyed beans) Koddel,Toor-Moong dali varan,French Fries....& Rice

CORN WITH PEANUT a pan add 1tabsp oil add 2-3 cloves,1small dalchini piece,2 elaichi,6-8 black pepper,fry for few seconds,add sliced 3onions,3-4garlic chopped,small piece of ginger,3-4 green chillies,fry till soft add 1tomato pieces..i used 4-5 plum tomatoes..fry again for 2-3 minutes..then remove &make fine paste with water.then in a pan take 1tabsp oil add tejpatta,add ground masala paste,add haldi,salt, little of red chilli powder,saute for few minutes.then add3-4 tabsp.of cruchy peanut butter,mix it nicely.then add corn cob pieces..if it is fresh ones then boil it in cooker 1st.&if it is frozen then u can add as it is..& cook it on low flame till all masala gets well mixed with corn pieces..garnish with dhania leaves.. corn with peanut butter is ready to serve..

jst peel the potatoes,keep it in water for some time,then cut it with a knife,then keep it in strainer for some time till dy then fry it on low flame..then sprinkle salt,pepper powder&chilli powder..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kashmiri Roganjosh

Kashmiri Roganjosh:


Kashmiri Roganjosh is a trditional dish of kashmir.Special combination of  masalas makes this dish

very tasty.


1.Mutton-1/2 kg.


3.Tomato puree-2tabsp.


5.Dry Ginger powder (sunthi powder).



8.Kashmiri red chilli powder-1tabsp.

9.Dalchini pieces-2 small pieces.

10.Green Elaichi-5


12.Tej patta-1-2

13.Saffron-pinch soaked in 2tabsp milk.


15.Oil OR Ghee-3tabsp.

16.Salt-as per taste.

17.Paprika-1tsp.(if available).


1.Wash Mutton pieces.Apply some chilli powder,salt..and keep for 15 minutes.

2.Grind together all spices.. ginger powder,red chilli powder, saunf, shahjeera, elaichi, dalchini. lavang.

garlic and paprika.

3.soak saffron in milk. pressure cooker heat oil or ghee.add tej patta, hing.then add mutton..stir well. and fry untill all

water dries up and get ligh brown colour.

5.Then add dahi in it.fry till all liquid gets absorbed.then add glass of water.and add ground spices..then

bring to boil.stir well.reduce heat and simmer for few minutes..then add saffron mixture in it. close

pressure cooker..and cook mutton for 3 whistles..then on low flame for 15 minutes till mutton gets

well cooked..

6.Garnish with dhania leaves..Kashmiri Roganjosh is ready to serve with rotis..

MY LUNCH THALI...Mashroom sukka, Jeera-Mirya Varan, Sindhi Sai Bhaji, Poha Papad, &...Rice..

Mashroom Sukka...Recipe...

wash12-15 mashrooms ..make pieces.take 2tabsp oil in a pan..add finely chopped 2-3 onions..fry till soft and light brown. then add 1-2 tabsp omato puree.fry for some time.then add 1tsp.dhania powder,1/4 sp haldi powder,1tsp chilli powder,salt as per taste..and fry untill all masala get mixed properly.then add mashroom it..and stir it .cover with lid..cook it till mashroom gets cooked..mashroom sukka is ready to serve with rotis or rice.

Sindhi Sai Bhaji...Recipe..

1.soak 4-5 tabsp.Chana dal for1/2 hours.

2.chop2 bunch  Palak and 1 bunch Methi.

3.heat2-3 tabsp. oil in pressure cooker.add 2-3 finely chopped onions.add finely4-5 chopped garlic,2-3 green chillies,1 tsp.grated ginger,

4.then add soaked chana dal. spread 1 layer of palak and methi.add haldi,1/2 tsp to chilli powder,salt as per taste,2 chopped tomatoes or 2 tabsp.tomato puree.again spread 2nd layer of palak and methi..add very little water if needed.

5.close the pressure cooker and cook till 3 whistles.

6.after steam goes out open the cooker & mix it nicely with a spoon or hand mixer;

7.sai bhaji will be ready to serve with rotis or rice..

Chavali or Tandulka Bhaji


This is very simple green leaf bhaji..very easy and quick recipe..


1.Chavali Bunch-2



4.Whole red chillies-2-3.

5.Salt-as per taste.

6.Sugar-pinch or little more.


1.Clean and wash chavali leaves.

2.Chop it finely.

3.Make tadka..heat oil,add crushed garlic,and whole red chillies,add chopped green leaves.add

salt,sugar..mix it.. not add water.cook for 4-5 minutes till bhaji gets not cook more its original green

colour will be lost..

Sindhi Sai Bhaji


This sindhi sai bhaji is liked by all people..very healthy,quick and tasty recipe..


1.Palak Bunch-3.

2.Methi Bunch-1.1/2.

3.Chana Dal-4-5tabsp.

4.Green Chillies-2-3


6.Grated Ginger-1tsp

7.Tomatoes-2 or Tomato puree-2tabsp.

8.Red Chilli powder-1/2tsp to 1tsp.



11.Salt-as per taste.



1.soak Chana dal for1/2 hours.

2.chop Palak and Methi.

3.heat oil in pressure cooker.add finely chopped onions.add finely chopped garlic,green chillies,grated 


4.then add soaked chana dal. spread 1 layer of palak and methi.add haldi,red chilli powder,salt,chopped 

tomatoes or tomato puree.again spread 2nd layer of palak and methi..add very little water if needed.

5.close the pressure cooker and cook till 3 whistles.

6.after steam goesout open the cooker &mix it nicely with a spoon or hand mixer;

7.sai bhaji will be ready to serve with rotis or rice..

AshGourd ( kuwalya) Curry(dhanvi randai)

AshGourd ( kuwalya) Curry(dhanvi randai)..


It is a mangalorian is white in tastes very good when served with dal and rice..


1.ashgourd-peeled &chopped in cubes-3wati.

2.grated fresh coconut-1wati chillies-3-4.


5.curry patta-10-12


7.methi seeds-less than 1/4sp.

8.mustard seeds(rai)-1/4tsp.

9.small whole red chilli.


11.salt-as per taste.


1.peel ashgourd..make square cubes.

2.cook it with green chillies,salt,and some water.cook it till ashgourd cooks well. a tadka wati take 1/4tsp oil add methi seeds.fry for few seconds.

4.grind and make fine paste of fresh grated coconut,fried methi,with little water.

5.add this masala in boiled ashgourd,add some curry patta in it.

6.after boiling when masala gets well mixed with ashgourd,add whisked dahi in it.switch off gas..plz do not

boil curry after adding dahi.

7.make tadka of oil,mustard seeds,curry patta,hing,small piece of whole red chilli,and add it in curry.

8.ashgourd white curry is ready to serve.

Pessaretu..Andhra dish

Pessaretu..Andhra dish


1.Whole Green Moong-250gms

2.Green Chillies-7-8.



5.Dhania Leaves-as needed

6.Ginger -2inch piece.

7.Oil-as needed.

8.Salt-as per taste


1.Soak green moong for 5-6 hours..then grind it with 2 green chillies and salt.make fine paste .and make like

idli batter.

2.Chop onions finely,chop green chillies finely,grate or chop ginger finely,chop dhania leaves finely.keep

jeera and all theses chopped ingredients separately in a plate.

3.Heat non stick tawa and spread batter on it like thin dosa.then spread some chopped onions on all around

dosa,add green chillies,ginger,jeera,and dhania leaves on it. add some oil around dosa.then after frying from

1side..turn it and fry from 2nd side till well done..

4.pessaretu is ready to serve.


Potato Bhaji :

Boil 4-5 potatoes in pressure cooker.peel it &make pieces.In a pan make tadka of 2tabsp oil.when heated add 1/4 tsp udid dal,1/2tsp rai(mustard seeds),1/4tsp jeera(cummin seeds),2garlics chopped,1whole red chilli,curry patta,pinch hing,1/4tsp haldi,after frying for few seconds add small piece of finely chopped ginger,2finely chopped green chillies,then add 2finely chopped onions.fry till onions get soft, add salt,&pinch sugar(optional),then add potato pieces in it..mix properly..finally mix 2tsp besan(gram flour)in some water and add in it.. cook it till potatoes get well mixed with gravy..garnish with dhania leaves..and serve with hot pooris.

Potato Bhaji


very delicious potato bhaji.. it is usually served with hot pooris..I have given slight change to this try it.. I am sure you all will love it...



2.oil-2 tabsp.

3.udid dal-1/4 tsp.

4. rai (mustard seeds)- 1/2 tsp.

5 jeera (cummin seeds)-1/4tsp

6.garlics chopped-2

7.whole red chilli-1

8.curry patta 5-6

9.pinch hing,

10.haldi-1/4 tsp

11/ginger-small piece. chillies=2



15.salt-as per taste.

16.besan (gram flour)-2tabsp.

17.dhania leaves-chopped finely-1tabsp.

18.water-some as needed for gravy.


1.Boil potatoes in pressure cooker.peel it & make pieces.

2.In a pan make tadka of oil.when heated add udid dal, rai(mustard seeds), jeera(cummin seeds),garlic
chopped,whole red chilli,curry patta,pinch hing, haldi,after frying for few seconds ,

3,add small piece of finely chopped ginger,finely chopped green chillies,

4,then add finely chopped onions.fry till onions get soft,

5. add salt,&pinch sugar(optional),then add potato pieces in it..mix properly..

6.finally mix besan(gram flour)in some water and add in it.. cook it till potatoes get well mixed with gravy..

7.garnish with dhania leaves..

8.and serve with hot Pooris.

Prawns and Raw Mango Curry

Prawns and Raw Mango Curry:

Recipe..recipe credit to my friend Reshma Chander

1. Prawns 1 cup aft cleaning

2. Coconut milk medium thick 1 ½ cup

3. Onion 1

4. Raw mango 1 medium chopped

5. Green chillies 4

6. Ginger 1 inch

7. Garlic cloves 6-8

8. Curry leaves 10-12

9. Oil 2 tsp

10. Red chilli pwd Kashmiri 2 tsp

11. Coriander seeds 1tsp

12. Fennel seeds to garnish¾ tsp

13. Jeera ½ tsp

14. Coriander leaves.


1. In 1 tsp oil fry roughly chopped ginger, full cloves of garlic ,full green chillies curry leaves on slow fire for few mins.

2. Add coriander seeds jeera fennel and fry for a minute.

3. Remove and grind to a paste and keep aside .

4. In same pan add a tsp of oil and sauté chopped onions till light golden.

5. Add the ground masala fry for few mins till raw smell goes. Since it was fried earlier it won’t take long.

6. Then add the Kashmiri chilli pwd pinch haldi powder and prawns and raw mango pieces. Saute for a couple of minutes till well blended .

7. Add coconut milk and on a slow flame bring to a boil and cook till shrimp is done ...

8. Garnish with coriander leaves.

9.The spice and colour is from the ground  green masala yet the colour is a vibrant red.

Spring Onion and Capsicum Pithla


This is a Maharashtrian dish..It tastes well when served with rotis or bhakri...usually it is made with onions..but i like to make it with spring onions & tastes yummy...


1.spring onion-1 big bunch .


3.besan (gram flour)-1/2cup or 5-6 tabsp.



6.jeera-1/4tsp. chillies-2-3 chilli powder-1tsp.





13.salt-as per taste

15.water-as needed.

16.dhania leaves


1.wash &chop finely spring onions

2.,in a pan make tadka of oil ,chopped garlic, rai, jeera, green chillies, haldi,hing..finally add red chilli powder in it.

3.add chopped capsicums,fry for few minutes..add chopped spring onions..

4.add salt,some sugar,..fry for few minutes..

5.then add besan mixed with water...& mix it..keep it on low flame.. stir it till besan gets well cooked..&pithla will become little dry.

6..garnish with dhania leaves.. serve with hot rotis..

Monday, May 7, 2012

MY SIMPLE LUNCH THALI...Tomato Rasam, Lal Bhopla Khotkhoto(Red pumpkin curry), Mooli Raita, Crispy Bhendi.....& Rice...


chop 2-3 tomatoes. grind it in mixie without a vessel take 3-4 glass water,add tomatoes,2tbsp cooked dal or any left over dal..add green chillies,crushed garlic,rasam powder.(or little(sambhar powder),dhania jeera powder ,currypatta,dhania leaves,little hing,salt,sugar(optional),imli juice,&boil for 10 minutes on low flame.if needed add more water..switch off gas.. add tadka of ghee,rai,whole red chilli,hing,curry patta...i add pinch of rasam powder in tadka..tomato rasam will be ready..


make slit in the middle of bhedi and make it half....apply some salt,haldi,red chilli powder, hing, some rice powder..mix it nicely.. then  fry it in oil till crispy on low flame .

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Recipe Description:
Avakai is a pickle which is most favoured by Andhra people.They like to have it with every meal, without this pickle their meal is almost incomplete..I have been eating this since my childhood and even prepare it every year..this pickle is very easy and quick to make..I am providing this recipe with small proportion!!!

1.Raw Mango pieces-5cups.
2.Kashmiri red chilli powder-3/4 cup to 1 cup.
3.Mustard seeds powder-3/4 cup.
5.Salt-3/4 cup or as per taste.
7.Methi seeds-1tabsp

1.Wash raw mangoes and dry .. make big pieces of it..
2.Add red chilli powder,mustard seeds powder, salt,haldi, methi seeds, peeled garlic (chopped  garlic if too big), mix well  with raw mango pieces..
3.Add oil in it (no need of heating).
4..Preserve it in the bottle, then add some more oil..
5..Avakai pickle is ready .

Friday, May 4, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI......Prawns Humman(curry), Tambli(with onion,ginger), French Beans Talasani, Prawns Fry.......& Rice

Tambli(with onion,ginger)... Recipe;

we make different varietis of tambli..either with garlic,or with onion-ginger..ot paalak tambli..all have different taste & i made onion tambli means jst ,made fine paste with fresh coconut,some red whole chillies,&small piece oftamarind..& after making fine paste lastly i added 1onion pieces,&small ginger,1tabsp dahi.,salt.&again ground it jst for few seconds..we can add water as need of heating tastes very yummy with hot steamed rice..& fry fish,or fry prawns or any fried things...its a great combo!!easy & quick!!!

Prawns Humman(curry).....Recipe

1.grind grated coconut, red chilly(slightly roasted in oil),tamarind and make a fine paste
2.put the ground paste in a pan,add hing water,add PRAWNS,salt and little water and boil.
3.and finally once the humman is ready add coconut oil,cover with lid and switch off the gas.
4.humman is ready to serve.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kakadi Salachi (peels,skin) Talasani..

Recipe Description:

This is my Granny's recipe...its very simple..and  tasty too


1.Kakadi peels-as much as u get.

2.Garilc-8-10 cloves.

3.Red chillie-2-3

4.Salt-as per taste.




1.Peel kakadi...cut the throw away peeled skin(sal).

2.Make tadka with oil,lots of garlic,red chillies.add cut sal..add salt, pinch sugar.keep lid for 3 minutes,remove lid and make little crispy.

3.Talasani is ready..

(I use mumbai white kakadi sal for this)..try it!!!