Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prawns Ghashi Or Prawns Ambat

Recipe Description:

yummy prawns ghashi, very easy and tasty.this curry can be served with rice or rotis....


1.prawns medium size- 18 to 20

2.fresh coconut grated -1/2 to 2 cups

3.dhania seeds-2t.spoons

4.jeera- 1/2t.spoon


6.garlic or lasun-4 chilli powder-1tsp.or as per taste

8.haldi powder-1/4 tspoon

9.kokum-2 to 3


11.salt -as per taste.

12.tomato finely cut-1 chillies -3

14.ginger-small piece


1. clean the prawns.apply some salt .

2.grind coconut,dhania seeds,jeera,garlic,small piece of ginger ,1/2onion cut,haldi,and chilli powder .make a fine paste.

3. in a pan take oil,add 1onion finely cut,fry till it becomes little brown,add tomato finely cut,fry for 

3to4 minutes.add green chilles,then add ground coconut paste,kokum,then stir for some time.finally 

add prawns .mix it and add water as required.boil it for 3to4 minutes till prawns get cooked.

4.prawns ghashi is read to serve.

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  1. Hi Vidya pachi,
    This dish turned out to be so good!
    You really are an inspiration! Thanks so much!
    Ananya Savur