Monday, April 30, 2012

MY SIMPLE LUNCH THALI....Drumsticks-brinjal-onion kholombo, Beetroot Sasam, Long String Beans Bhaji, Poha Papad...& Rice

Beet Sasam... Recipe.

Wash2 beet roots properly..then make it half..add some water salt & 2green chillies.pressure cook it for 3 whistles.then remove skin &make small pieces of beet.. grind 3-4 tabsp fresh grated coconut,cooked green chillies,1/4 tsp rai,with little of beet boiled water.mix 1tabsp dahi in it..&mix it with beet pieces..make tadka of ghee rai,currypatta,1 whole red chilli,hing & pour it in sasam..sasam will be ready to serve

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