Monday, April 30, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI..Tomato Saar With Coconut Milk, Chana Masala, French Beans Talasani, Dal Varan....& Rice

Tomato Saar....Recipe..

Boil tomato pieces,jeera & green chillies together with some water...then grind it..add some salt,sugar & currypatta & some water..boil it properly..finally add coconut thick milk..i use maggi instant coconut milk powder with some water.add dhania leaves..give tadka of rai,red chillies,hing,currypatta..coverit..tomato saar is ready to serve.garnish with dhania leaves.

Varan ..Recipe.....

Boil toordal with water in pressure cooker..then mix it nicely..add salt,little sugar,hing,& haldi add some home made ghee &boil it nicely..u can add some lemon juice if you like..varan is ready..recipe 2-boil toor dain pressure cooker l,then while boiling add crushed powdered jeera & some black pepper..,hing,haldi,salt,little sugar,& lemon juice,& home made ghee..boil it nicely..varan is ready to serve..

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