Monday, April 30, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI....(Kolhapuri Chicken Curry, Butter Milk Kadhi,Phodni Mirchi, Onion Salad,Phulkas, ..& Rice...

Kolhapuri Chicken Curry..Recipe..

marinate chicken with haldi,salt,green masala,..fry onions, coconut whole garam masala(dry dhania seeds,jeera,lavang,dalchini,black pepper,saunf,),ginger,garlic...then grind it.. in cooker add oil,put kolhapuri masala.{.tht is red masala of red chillies, onions,garlic,garam masala&dry coconut(which is fried & in powder form)}..then add some finely chopped onions,tomato fry till soft. add ground masala fry add chicken fry for few minutes,..then add water & cook it..& kolhapuri chicken is ready to serve.when we put kolhapuri masala in oil it gives nice red colour to a becomes yummy..

PHODNI MIRCHI .....Recipe ..

make long pieces of green chillies. make tadka of oil rai,hing, haldi,& very little methi crushed or it.... then grind rai or yellow rai dal with some lemon juice .. mix chilli pieces, salt, ground mustard.& oil tadka.mix it properly...keep it in the bottle.. it can be preserved in the fridge..

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