Monday, April 30, 2012

MY LUNCH THALI..Garlic Tadka Dal, Baby Potato Jumping, Palak Patal Bhaji, Green Long Chilli Bhajiya..& Rice


jumping potato is very easy..take little more oil add lots of crushed garlic..after grying add boiled baby potatoes,haldi,salt & lots of red chilli powder..and fry it till potatoes get crisp..because it is spicy we call it potato jumping!!!!

Mirchi Bhajiya....Recipe..
give slit to thick long green mirchis..add salt,hing,& 2tabsp dahi ..mix it and. keep.. make batter of besan,some rice powder,hing,salt,haldi,chillipowder,black pepper powder,dhania leaves...dip mirchis in it and, deep fry it till bhajiyas will be crispy..

Palak -Groundnuts Curry.....recipe...

soak 2tabsp.groundnuts,&; 2tab.sp chanadal for 1-2 hours. & cook it in pressure cooker.chop palak finely,make tadka in pressure cooker of oil,methi seeds,finely chopped green chillies,hing..add palak in it..mix it well. add cooked groundnuts,& chanadal.. .then add 2tabsp.besan mixed with little water,add gud,salt, imli juice,& cook it till 1whistle.boil it till thick..then made tadka with rai,jeera,currypatta,hing,haldi,.1red whole chilli,& little red chilli powder..mix it in curry... curry is ready to serve..

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